Ithu Thaanda Police

Ithu Thaanda Police (earlier titled as Driver on Duty) is like a film someone wrote after watching all those outdated police stories which created a false filmy police image. The movie doesn’t even have a conflict to work on and with ridiculous amount of clichés in narration and dialogues, this movie from Manoj Palodan will remind you the movies done by Saji Surendran (whom the director assisted for a long time).

Elathoor police station is a Vanitha Police Station. The SI in charge is Arundathi Varma. The dedicated police force lacks the service of a police driver so that they can reach places immediately. The movie is basically revolving around the incidents that happen after the arrival of driver Ramakrishnan at this police station.

Except for certain humorous counter dialogues from the supporting cast, the film doesn’t have anything to keep us entertained. The screenplay is way too dull and the making is entirely sloppy filled with cheesiness.  The basic formula of making a film has this one thing called conflict and this movie doesn’t have one. The climax portion of the movie looked really awkward as it all got finished within seconds. The aim seems to be just filling some outdated jokes in a very thin one liner story.

Asif Ali portrays the role of Ramakrishnan in his usual way. Abhirami’s dialogue delivery sounded awkward.  Sruthi Lakshmi over acts and Janani Iyyer doesn’t do much acting. Krishnaprabha, Sajida Madathil, Neena Kuruppu and a few more faces are there who did an okay performance. Quality actors like Sudheer Karamana and Sunil Sughada were given stupid roles.

Manoj Palodan who earlier assisted Saji Surendran pretty much follows the latter in making. The amateurishness and drama is quite painful to tolerate. The script has no real aim. There is a sequence towards the interval where the hero takes the blame to save the heroine and I have no clue why such a “Sacrifice” was necessary. The dialogues are way too dramatic. Music is utter bore and so was the background score (no comments about the lyrics of certain songs). That green screen song was a real pain in the arse. Hari Nair disappoints with cinematography and the edits were also chaotic.

Overall Ithu Thaanda Police fails miserably to impress. Just go through the promos and songs available in YouTube and if you were impressed with all that, go watch it. Otherwise skip it.

Final Thoughts

Ithu Thaanda Police is like a film someone wrote after watching all those outdated police stories which created a false filmy police image.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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