Spirit directed by Ranjith is undoubtedly a superb film. Ranjith continues his signature style of making socially relevant movies with required blend of commercial touch ups. The relevance of the theme is the biggest plus of the film and it conveys its intention correctly to the viewer. Spirit is a satire about the alcoholic nature […]

Thiruvambady Thamban

“Thiruvambady Thamban” from director Padmakumar is a big let down. The director who started of his career with movies of content is now seems to be following the typical Malayalam film formula for commercial success. “Thiruvambady Thamban” is almost like a rubber band. A very small and irrelevant topic stretched out and added with masalas. […]


After the success of “Puthiya Mukham” director Diphan has come up with a new film which has a plot beyond action but depends largely on action. “Hero” is a pakka commercial mass masala entertainer made on the backdrop of stuntmen in the film industry. It is a mix of sensible and senseless sequences. It is […]