Children’s Park

While watching the movie Children’s Park directed by Shafi, you may laugh for the mumbling counter dialogue jokes by the characters in the film. But leaving the theater you won’t even really remember any of the jokes. The film may not be irritating, but it’s an easily forgettable experience that has a lot of predictable comedy. 

Rishi’s father died and he wasn’t having a great relationship with his late father. And when it came to the partitioning of the properties, he got to know that what his father had in mind for him was given to an orphanage. So he and his friend decided to go to the orphanage to know whether any chances of getting a hold over that money his father had decided to give to that orphanage is there. What happens in that journey is what we are seeing in Children’s Park.

The concept of entertainer cinema has been defined in multiple ways by filmmakers. And there are makers who consider making people laugh for the time they are inside the theater is the purpose of entertainer movies and the audience taking the characters or moments back home isn’t necessary. Well, I am saying this because Children’s Park belongs to that category. You will sit through it realizing that the story is lackluster and the jokes are pretty much on the slapstick level. The humor isn’t fresh at any point and you can clearly see a lot of characters and subplots created just for the sake of squeezing in some more comedy.

Dhruvan is extremely stiff as an actor and he is mainly projected as an action star in this movie. Vishnu Unnikrishnan is in his usual style of cracking crooked jokes. Sharaf u dheen is also doing what he is known for doing ever since Girirajan Kozhi. The females here are mere side characters in terms of space given to them. The only real important character to the script is Manasa Radhakrishnan’s Prarthana and I don’t know whether Shafi wanted her to portray the role like that, the performance looked way too naïve. Gayathri Suresh’s intro sort of gave me a feeling that she will have a significant role here, but after that intro, she got lost in the crowd along with Sowmya Menon.  Hareesh Kanaran is a burden to the film with his forced comedy track. Joy Mathew, Sreejith Ravi, Shivaji Guruvayoor, etc. are the other major actors in this movie.

Shafi has made this movie in his usual style and what is actually problematic is the dull story and predictable screenplay. Raffi is heavily depending on the improvised comedy dialogues to create humor. In the second half Children’s Park becomes a tedious experience. We are seeing back to back action and drama that just lengthens the movie without much of an excitement. The songs are just about okay and the background score is excessive. The biggest problem is that it doesn’t feel like a film that wants to address an updated audience.

Children’s Park is roughly two and a half hours long and there is slapstick, skit comedy to keep you occupied for that runtime. But as I said in the beginning, the chances of you recollecting any of the jokes and laughing about it after leaving the theatre is highly unlikely. It’s that watch, laugh and forget comedy.

Rating: 2/5

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Final Thoughts

The chances of you recollecting any of the jokes and laughing about it after leaving the theatre is highly unlikely. It’s that watch, laugh and forget comedy.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.