Prakashante Metro

A female director coming up with a movie and she herself putting up the posters of her film etc. made it to the news prior to the release of the new movie Prakashante Metro starring Dinesh Prabhakar. Directed by Haseena Suneer this movie is nothing short of a mess. The makers here have no idea on how to develop an idea into a full-fledged script and the unbearable and pointless humor makes this flat feel-good movie a disappointing experience.

Prakashan is the owner of this auto rickshaw named Metro. A girl named Kalthamara, a native of Kasargod took his auto one day, but she was clueless about where to go. Understanding her situation Prakashan decides to help her in finding the guy she was looking for and the movie Prakashante Metro shows us what all happens in that journey.

There is a Baba character in the movie who finally gives useful clues to Prakashan and the girl about this man they are searching for. Seeing the way this character and his life were getting described by this Baba character, I was reminded of the Dulquer Salmaan starrer Charlie. Prakashante Metro almost feels like Haseena Suneer mixed Charlie with a real-life story she heard about a helping auto rickshaw guy from a girl. The feel-good movie ideas are being used here to make us feel optimistic about life, but the making is so horrendous and wayward that you won’t leave the theatre with any sense of optimism. And even after being a movie with only 109 minutes of runtime, I was frequently looking at my watch to know when this mediocre show will end.

Dinesh Prabhakar is the only positive thing about this movie. Just like the other male characters in the movie, Prakashan is also written as a joker character but Dinesh manages to add some earnestness in his portrayal of this weird character. Anakha Janaki as the female lead plays a monotonous character who is largely crying and even after having great screen time, the actress was unable to add anything to her portrayal. Anjana Appukkuttan is there in a lengthy role without many purposes. Actors like Nobi, Saju Navodaya, Irshad, etc. are there in minor roles that have absolutely zero relevance in the film.

Prakashante Metro is not just a directorial flaw. The script is the fundamental villain. Instead of adding layers to a catchy idea, they just stretched that idea using silly and sick jokes. The movie has this unpredictable nature where you can’t really say when they will make a serious scene a comedy scene. Haseena Suneer is largely depending on the used out themes to give the movie some structure. Anyone who has prior movie watching experience will not get the shock the character of Prakashan feels when he realizes the truth about the man they were searching for. The cinematography is poor and the movie has no real regard for maintaining basic continuity.

Even after being a less than two-hour long film, Prakashante Metro was an exhausting experience. There is a clear lack of vision here that makes this movie a dull one. The character played by Saju Navodaya in this movie is actually a metaphor for the entire film; irrelevant, terrible and a total mess.

Rating: 1.5/5

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Final Thoughts

Prakashante Metro doesn't really have a vision in the first place and the way they have tried to stretch the one-liner into a movie rather than adding layers to it makes it a forgettable experience.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.