Jeem Boom Bhaa

I am someone who has enjoyed watching the recent Biju Menon movies Orayiram Kinakkalal and Padayottam. And for me, Jeem Boom Bhaa was definitely not an unbearable film. But it was a disappointing film that had the potential to be an entertainer like the movies mentioned in the beginning (if you consider them as good films).  With a wayward screenplay that at times is desperate for humor,  Jeem Boom Bhaa couldn’t utilize its talented supporting cast. 

So a three-member gang of aspiring movie makers is our main team. They are struggling to find liquor to celebrate the New Years Eve. While they were struggling to get a bottle, an international Don arrived at Trivandrum to take a really old bottle of Kerala-made drink which has some specialties.  The movie shows us the series of events that happens when the paths of these two gangs got crossed on that New Year night.

The film had the potential to be an extremely entertaining wacky black humor. But the problem is with the movie’s over-enthusiasm towards eccentric humor. Somewhere near the interval point of the movie, there is an asthma comedy and that was the first moment where I really cracked up thanks to a flowing performance from Aneesh Gopal. A comedy movie taking that much of time to have a genuine moment of humor clearly shows how less funny the other portions were. In the second half, the comedy quotient has a definite growth and the situational comedy works even more. But yet, there is this obsession to make everything comedic and that drags the movie backward. 

Askar Ali isn’t showing any great improvement in his acting department.  But luckily Jeem Bhoom Baa isn’t really depending on him.  Aneesh Gopal was really good in his character delivering a memorable performance. Limu Shankar may get more films after this movie as his acting as the sloshed out Rohini Karthika was fun to watch. Baiju as always excelled in his Trivandrum slang character.  Special mention to Don Rahul Nair who surprised me with the humorous tone. Anju Kurian has a small role that plays as a distraction.  It seems like Neha Saxena will always get only one kind of characters in Malayalam industry. Kannan Nair at times is hilarious as the police officer and there are several areas where he sort of mimics the vintage Jagathy Sreekumar.

Rahul Ramachandran has said that he is a fan of almost every Malayalam movie and that includes movies like Ee Pattanathil Bhootham and Angel John. I would say that’s exactly the problem with his approach towards comedy. He sort of applies all kinds of humor in one movie and thus you as a viewer get confused on whether to apply logic in the movie or not. The first half is mostly an elongated build-up. The movie actually shifts gears in the second half, but the previously mentioned amalgamation of all kinds of comedy makes it a sporadically funny film. Rahul’s technical backup like the cinematography by Anoop Shylaja and the edits by Prakash Rana etc are on the positive side here.

At the end of Jeem Boom Bhaa, we are teased with the possibility of a sequel. I am not completely against it if they can accept their flaws and make fewer compromises to please a particular category of people. The gay jokes, GNPC pleasing, etc are just not acceptable.

Rating: 2/5

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Final Thoughts

With a wayward screenplay that at times is desperate for humor, Jeem Boom Bhaa couldn't utilize its talented supporting cast.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.