In reference to the latest Himmatwala, actor Naseerudhin Shah said Bollywood is now remaking films that should not have been made in the first itself. Well after watching the Devgan starrer, I really believe that director Sajid Khan had a lot of scope in proving the critics wrong by making it a spoof of the… Continue reading Himmatwala

Kutteem Kolum

Actor Bala tried to fulfill his wishes to do an over the top hero character in the movie hit list. This time famous comedian Guinness Pakru tries his luck in the box office in similar fashion with his film Kutteem Kolum. Well known for his comical characters in the silver screen, Pakru bizarrely tries to… Continue reading Kutteem Kolum

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

G.I. Joe Retaliation is a movie that fails to plant its comic avatar into a fantasy situation in the real world. A plot that moves in the predictable trajectory with usual firecrackers is nothing beyond a cliché “saves the day” movie. Compared to its first part which sucked big time in the visual effects department… Continue reading G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Django Unchained

Well, it’s that typical Quentin Tarantino product that stands out for its style and dialogs. Beginning with that retro titling sequence, Django Unchained is a bloody good mix of gunshots, QT style awkward humor, bloodshed encounters that speaks a lot and those long dialogs which just don’t let us take our eyes of from the… Continue reading Django Unchained


The latest production from A. R. Murugadoss and Fox star studios, Vatthikuchi is an exaggerated non sense. Amateurish writing and dull rendering makes this Kinslin movie a senseless experiment that doesn’t really concentrate on anything. Apart from a chirpy Anjali, there is nothing promising or interesting in this film. The plot basically revolves around the… Continue reading Vatthikuchi


Cinema is always considered as a director’s product and Lijo Jose Pellissery’s latest film Amen in a sense strongly establishes that saying. By making the audience clap, Lijo takes a sweet revenge on those who refused to accept his talent at the beginning. With a making style that is unique and fresh in each frame,… Continue reading Amen

3 Dots

One more movie that is packed for entertainment of the audience who are in a festive mood; that’s what I can say about Ordinary fame director Sugeeth’s new venture titled 3 dots. Following similar structure of his first film, Sugeeth has recreated the feel again in a slightly different backdrop. With an entertaining first half… Continue reading 3 Dots

Red Wine

On the positive side you can say that the new movie Red wine directed by Salam Bappu is a non typical multi starrer that focuses on the content than the star value of the actors. But when analyzing at the end, the lack of clarity in its focus makes this movie an average deal for… Continue reading Red Wine