Venicile Vyaapari

“Vencile Vyapaari” of Shafi is a movie that had a lot of scope but failed to convince the audience due to uneven pace in the screenplay and a lot of conventional style of movie making. The movie has an interesting retro plot, but it hasnt used its retro style for the sake of the movie.… Continue reading Venicile Vyaapari

Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl

“Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl” is an interesting movie. Its not a boring cinema. But its definitely not a superb movie. Its just an average one time watch. The plot is familiar, treatment is different. But the different treatment wasnt enough to convince the audience completely. Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl is a story of a con… Continue reading Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl

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Saw VK Prakash’s BEAUTIFUL today. What to say, after a series of disappointing copy cat movies VKP has come up with a movie that is truly BEAUTIFUL. The posters and teasers might have given us the feeling that its an offbeat movie. But trust me it has all the ingredients of a commercial flick. It… Continue reading Beautiful

Swapna Sanchari

Kamal’s” Swapna Sanchari” is not a bad movie. Its a one time watch Good movie. You cant say the theme is fresh. Becoz We have seen similar story lines and similar characters in many other movies. Script writer Gireesh Kumar hasnt gone out of his safe zone and tried anything different. The structure of the… Continue reading Swapna Sanchari


ROCKSTAR was one of those movies were the feedback of the Audience disappointed me. You can not expect every movie to be either a common man’s story or a no brainer fun film or an out an out action one. ROCKSTAR is about JORDAN, a pop sensation. Sadda Haq song might have given us the… Continue reading Rockstar

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The Adventures Of Tintin

Saw The much anticipated Steven Spielberg movie “The Adventures of Tintin”. Well, in one word its real fun. There isnt any big ERROR to point out. The basic story is about finding the treasure behind UNICORN (people who have seen the cartoon or read the comic will be familiar with it). Even if you know… Continue reading The Adventures Of Tintin


“Velayudham”, A good commercial Entertainer from Ilayadhalapathi. I am not saying its great film n all. Its a typical Vijay film with dance, fun, action and sentimense. Velayudham also joins the league of those Tamil films which are commercial with some amount of social commitment. Just like Anniyan, Indian and Kanthasamy, Velayudham alias Vel played… Continue reading Velayudham

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