101 weddings

Mere one time fun is the only thing that you will get after watching hit maker Shafi’s new movie 101 weddings. Lack of clarity in the goal of the movie and a script that goes too much after cliché formulas to find grip makes this movie a not so special movie. Apart from the enjoyable… Continue reading 101 weddings


Only thing that was intense in Dulqar Salman’s Theevram (intense) was the back ground music. Apart from the commendable cinematography of Hari Nair, there is nothing there in this Roopesh Peethambaran movie to make you happy. A cliché topic narrated in a lame way to bring down the intensity of the common audience. Plot is… Continue reading Theevram


M Mohanan’s 916 is a movie that fails to take off to a new level of storytelling. The makers can claim that the story is relevant in the new society and all. But the simplicity or rather silliness and the repeated theme make this movie not so special. We have seen many movies based on… Continue reading 916

My boss

Director Jeethu Joseph’s new movie with Dileep and Mamtha in the lead roles is the Malayalam version of the super hit Hollywood flick “The Proposal” by all means. I wont blame the director completely as a thief because he has done some creative and desi style inputs in the storyline which at times helped and… Continue reading My boss


Well I haven’t seen any Santosh Pandit movies yet but I have seen many clips of it. From that I can confidently say that “Super Star” Santosh Pandit will have to be more serious in making stupid stuff as there are new people in the industry. I am talking about the makers of the new… Continue reading Kaash

Prabhuvinte Makkal

Director Sajeevan Anthikkad’s Prabhuvinte Makkal is a movie that deserves the tag of Brave Cinema. A movie that goes through the backend stories of Godmans and also the baseless arguments of people who believe in religions without knowing the concept of God to its depth. The movie scores the most for its sarcastic approach on… Continue reading Prabhuvinte Makkal

Jawan of Vellimala

Well, the movie Jawan of Vellimala from Anoop Kannan cannot be said as a disaster one. It’s a movie that fails to make the crucial impact and ends up in being an average one time watch entertainer. Some are saying its worst than Thappana, but for me it’s better than Thappana. Jawan of Vellimala fails… Continue reading Jawan of Vellimala

Ayalum Njanum Thammil

Comparing the new Lal Jose movie Ayalum  Njanum Thammil with his previous hit film Classmates is totally rubbish. The movie has very little to do with Classmates. Bobby-Sanjay’s Ayalum Njanum Thammil is a journey through the life of a doctor, in fact the journey through the most important phase of a doctor’s life. How he… Continue reading Ayalum Njanum Thammil