A shy guy’s reformation as a smart man is the basic idea of Jinu Daniel’s movie Rasputin. But the way he chose to present the idea had a lot to do with perverted mindsets and poor execution. With Sreenath Bhasi kicking in with a witty performance in his typical style Rasputin overall isn’t good.

Susheelan, Radhenathan and Gopalan are cousins who are working in a software company in town. While Radhs considers himself as a womanizer, Gopalan is a wanna be womanizer and our hero Susheelan is quiet shy in these matters. The movie’s basic plot is about a date Susheelan had with a doctor named Smitha and how the proceedings eventually make him a better man with required smartness.

The making that tries to be slightly experimental in terms of narration is the biggest drawback of the movie. Awkward silences, embarrassing edit pattern and the lack of excitement makes the overall tempo of the movie quiet dull. And it takes too much of time to get to the idea it wants to convey and the ineffective usage of events that happened till that point results in a zero impact when we finally see the new Susheelan. The jokes aren’t that great but Bhasi’s typical style saves them as it sounded funny when he utters something.

Jinu G Daniel can’t keep the movie in an engaging level. By the end of the first half, what we have is mixture of various women bitching sequences. Second half is the place where the movie shifts. But the inappropriate comedy and the too dramatic romantic dialogues makes that portion sloppy. Hari Nair’s frames were good, especially in that song which got spoiled by clumsy narration. The song “Parayaathe” sung by Sachin Warrier was a really nice composition from Roby Abraham. Edits weren’t good and the background music at times reminded me of my flawed experiments in fruity loops.

Vinay Forrt as Susheelan was nice. Just like how Suraj Venjaramood works these days, when nothing else can’t entertain you, Sreenath Bhasi and his style works. Aju Varghese was too dumb and Joy Mathew looked like an exaggerated caricature. Archana Gupta looks pretty and Vandana Menon was nice in her character. There is nothing much to do for Srinda and Shritha.

Overall Rasputin is a disappointment from Jinu Daniel. The rating is 2/5. It offers sporadic fun for a DVD watch.

Final Thoughts

Rasputin is a disappointment from Jinu Daniel. It offers sporadic fun for a DVD watch.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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