Utopiayile Rajavu

Well the movie will make you realize how good was Mammootty’s Pranchiettan and the saint. Made using a reckless script that desperately tries to be funny, Utopiayile Rajavu from director Kamal is an extremely disappointing movie that fails to be a satire.

Swathanthran is the son of a freedom fighter and there is this legal war between him and his uncle about the ownership of the heirloom. Swathanthran is desperate to gain a good name in the society as it would be beneficial for him in the legal procedure. The movie basically shows us his various attempts to get that and how he is transformed during that process.

Kamal who criticized the new generation movies a few days back was seen trying hard to copy their style.  P S Rafeeq who earlier worked with Lijo Jose Pellissery in movies like Nayakan and Amen terribly misses a good maker who can give a unique life to his writing.  The major problem with the script and movie is that it looks aimless for a majority of its run time. And the making that tries to follow the Amen style never really succeeds in making the audience laugh.  Very few instances that came from the dialogues of the friends of Swathanthran succeeded in giving some light moments of laughter. Except for that there were no real undertones or layers that could make it look like a satire with good attire.

Kamal’s making as I mentioned is somewhere between “I want to be Lijo ” and “I am still me”. The non typical jokes of Rafeeq weren’t working because of the confused treatment. The script never reveals its intentions and at the same time never keeps the narrative edgy. Too many instances are there where you will feel the influence of Pranchiettan and the saint. Unlike the Ranjith film, Kamal and Rafeeq completely wastes a good actor like Mammootty. Neil D Cunha also tries to copy Amen frames in order to create uniqueness. Good songs, but the background scores were dull.

Much like most of the recent films, Utopiayile Rajavu too fails to use the actor in Mammootty. Anything that demanded someone of the likes of Mammootty was not there in the script. Jewel Mary seems to be a good prospect for character roles. Sunil Sughada was the better performer while SP Sreekumar and the other bunch of talented actors did their roles nicely. A Special mention about the weak performance of Sudheer Karamana.

On the whole Utopiayile Rajavu fails terribly in conveying its inspirational idea. The uninteresting script that got a confused treatment derails the movie completely. Rating is a very generous 2/5.

Final Thoughts

The uninteresting script that got a confused treatment derails the movie completely.


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Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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