Diamond Necklace

Socially relevant and commercially convincing movies are always a delight to watch for all kind of audience. The new Lal Jose film scripted by Iqbal Kuttippuram belongs to that category. A movie that has all the flavors to satisfy a sincere cinema lover. The smooth screenplay and the refreshing making style makes this movie a… Continue reading Diamond Necklace

Mallu Singh

How can a movie which comes with the title of the leading protagonist of the story excel when the actor who plays that role gives a below average performance?. Director Vysakhs third outing with script writer Sethu (of the duo Sachi-Sethu) is a disappointing one. The plot had a different feel, but rendering it with… Continue reading Mallu Singh

Grand Master

“Grand Master” from director B Unnikrishnan is a surprise for me. Never expected this kind of a package from a director who delivered 3 films which were not that pleasing for me. This movie is a decent package for those audience who loves to see a sensible level of heroism. Unlike other B Unnikrishnan movies,… Continue reading Grand Master

22 Female Kottayam

22 Female Kottayam directed by the new sensation Aashiq Abu is a brilliant piece of film making. The movie is a bold attempt to showcase an issue that has high relevance in these times. Through Tessa K Abraham the makers of the movie has shown us the pain and the brutal reality that is faced… Continue reading 22 Female Kottayam


The VISHU release COBRA directed by Lal is a let down in one word. It is supposed to be fun film. But apart from a few dialogues here and there and some counter dialog jokes, there isnt any great deal of fun in the movie. The story is about twin brothers, KOBRA (Kottayam Brothers, Koyambathur… Continue reading COBRA


“MayaMohini” directed by Jose Thomas and scripted by the Masala hit makers Udhayakrishna – Sibi K Thomas is a movie that has nothing extra than a typical malayalam comedy entertainer. The long gap between Christian Brothers and MayaMohini havent made the super hit screen writers to think something out of their safe zone. Its the… Continue reading Mayamohini


Comparing to his first movie ATHMAKATHA, Premlal’s new venture OUTSIDER is definitely not up to the expectation. OUTSIDER is a slow paced revenge movie powered by some solid performances from the main protagonists. It is a story of a caring father Sivan kutty, played by Sreenivasan and the unfortunate incidents happening his life after the… Continue reading Outsider