Cinema is always considered as a director’s product and Lijo Jose Pellissery’s latest film Amen in a sense strongly establishes that saying. By making the audience clap, Lijo takes a sweet revenge on those who refused to accept his talent at the beginning. With a making style that is unique and fresh in each frame,… Continue reading Amen

3 Dots

One more movie that is packed for entertainment of the audience who are in a festive mood; that’s what I can say about Ordinary fame director Sugeeth’s new venture titled 3 dots. Following similar structure of his first film, Sugeeth has recreated the feel again in a slightly different backdrop. With an entertaining first half… Continue reading 3 Dots

Red Wine

On the positive side you can say that the new movie Red wine directed by Salam Bappu is a non typical multi starrer that focuses on the content than the star value of the actors. But when analyzing at the end, the lack of clarity in its focus makes this movie an average deal for… Continue reading Red Wine

Ithu Pathiramanal

Traversing through their familiar backdrops of revenge and negatively charged up heroism, the new movie from director-writer combo Padmakumar and Babu Janardhan titled “Ithu Pathiramanal” is just an ordinary revenge story that has lost all its charm. A script that exposes the plot completely at the beginning itself squeezes out all that left in this… Continue reading Ithu Pathiramanal


After watching the new Malayalam film Radio, I have a serious and sincere request to the society to stop harassment against women in any manner. Not because I am moved by the story, but because of the making which was such a headache and I don’t want to see any such mediocre film making. A… Continue reading Radio

Lucky Star

The debut venture of the famous ad film director Deepu Anthikkad, Lucky Star is a pleasing family entertainer that scores for its subject and treatment. Based on female infertility, the movie manages to travel beyond the subject in an emotional sense.  With some impressive performances and avoidance of cliché at particular melodramatic scenes, the movie… Continue reading Lucky Star

Rebecca Uthup Kizhakkemala

In a sense the new Sundar Das movie Rebecca Uthup Kizhakkemala is a misleading film. A movie that was promoted as a sports oriented film never really goes to that particular territory and ends up in being a cliché Malayalam film that would have worked if it was released a few years back. Filled with… Continue reading Rebecca Uthup Kizhakkemala

10:30 am Local Call

The movie 10:30 am Local Call got a delayed release in many centers including my place. The feedback I got about the movie was positive and I was happy to hear it as the first movie of Manu Sudhakar was a disaster. But to my surprise the movie was a total let down and I… Continue reading 10:30 am Local Call