They have described the movie Rudrasimhasanam as Thanthric thriller and it will end on a note where you might even hate all the mantras. Coming from writer Sunil Parameshwaran, who earlier written Anandabhadram, Rudrasimhasanam is excessively offensive, lusty and unreal.

The movie is narrated as a flash back story of a Booker prize award winning writer Mrinalini. The series of incidents that happened in her life was the reason why she wrote this book. How all these mantras and witch craft had an influence in her life is what the movie trying to narrate.

Well, hearing every character speak in the most sophisticated way is really an annoyance. There isn’t a single instance where the characters in this movie are talking practically. All this text book speeches along with all the cliches of these sorts of movies for almost 3 hours is really a torturing experience. Looking at the way the idea was conceived, you can definitely identify why Santhosh Sivan is a much better director as he presented Anandabadram in a visually engaging way. The agenda of the movie seems to be quite an orthodox perspective and I couldn’t agree to such male chauvinism.  Aesthetics of new generation movies may not be great, but the so called non veg references in those films never goes to a level where they glorify lust in such dramatic way.

Shibu Gangadaran follows the usual notions in making. Outdated patterns somewhere reminded me of certain recent remakes which blatantly followed the style of the old days. The screenplay is never an intriguing one. The crookedness, the charm and the drama are quite predictable because of the eccentric style.  At least one or two practical dialogues would have been a relief for the audience. Cinematography was okay. Music isn’t that catchy and the background score was too much to take. The stunts aren’t great and the makeup of almost everyone looks artificial. The art direction was very good.

Well the only actor who managed to impress me in the whole movie was Kalabhavan Shajon. The actor had that grace to be that loyal right hand and his dialog delivery never had that artificial feel. Suresh Gopi in that very poor makeup is okay. He delivers these too complicated statements in his typical style. Nedumudi Venu was a wrong choice. The actor’s age doesn’t allow him to be a perfect choice for this crooked character. Nikki Galrani was struggling all the way and there was no sync in dubbing (sounded terrible). Shwetha Menon accepts one more stereo type role. Kaniha and Nishanth Sagar were okay. The character offered might help Sudheer Karamana to get some variety roles.

To sum it up, Rudrasimhasanam is a torture when looking at the kind of cliché you have to bear for three long hours. The rating is 1.5/5. I hope the Booker prize guys don’t get to see this film.

Final Thoughts

Rudrasimhasanam is a torture when looking at the kind of cliché you have to bear for three long hours. I hope the Booker prize guys don't get to see this film.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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