A few years back there was a formula that did well in the box office. A mix of ghosts and fraud plays mixed with genuine comedy attracted almost all kinds of audience to the cinema halls. But the repeated versions made the audience to skip this kind of cinema. After watching Manthrikan you will also feel… Continue reading Manthrikan

Banking Hours 10 to 4

The two good things about director K Madhu’s new outing “Banking Hours 10 to 4” is that the length of the movie is short and there is no big budget spent for outdoor shooting. Other than these two factors the movie is an utter disappointment. A seriously lame script and cliché directional treatment makes this… Continue reading Banking Hours 10 to 4

Puthiya Theerangal

Well, the look and feel of Sathyan Anthikkad’s new movie might make you feel that he has also decided to move with the new wave. But the truth is that the movie “Puthiya Theerangal” has nothing Puthiya (New) in it. Stereo typed Sathyan ANthikkad characters and a story that is kind of a blend of… Continue reading Puthiya Theerangal

Husbands in Goa

Saji Surendran’s new outing in the box office “Husbands in Goa” is more of a skit than a movie. Following the same pattern of its first part (not exactly), this film is also has a childish story line and very few worthy jokes. The fun part hugely lies on the small counter dialogs of actors… Continue reading Husbands in Goa

Trivandrum Lodge

If you are someone who believes that films should not go into too much practical life and expose the genuine immorality among us, you can have an excuse to skip this wonderfully crafted simple movie. I am someone who believes that stories should be told in a raw format with characters having a nature that… Continue reading Trivandrum Lodge

Ithra Mathram

Well Dr K Gopinathan’s movie “Ithra Maathram” has received rave reviews from some points and to be honest such a bold and non-cliché approach deserves appreciation. But when it comes to the film making side of it I think the movie is a bit disappointing. Even though it conveys the perspectives of different people nicely,… Continue reading Ithra Mathram

Molly Aunty Rocks

Molly Aunty Rocks directed by Ranjith Sanker is a movie that will surely please you if you are not looking for mere commercial entertainment. Ranjith Sankar who concentrated on social issues in his previous creations once again keeps that vision in mind, but this time it’s a bit more fun. The movie can be loved… Continue reading Molly Aunty Rocks


The one and main good thing about the movie Ozhimuri is that it’s not a single character oriented movie. It travels through the perspectives of each person in a three member family. A man who hates his wife because of the feudal nature of his mother towards his father, A woman who doesn’t want to… Continue reading Ozhimuri