Mumbai Taxi

Happy news for the makers of Acha Din! There is a new movie which has mediocrity greater than Acha Din and the topic is somewhat the same. Mumbai Taxi publicised as the comeback movie of Badusha (The boy who played the role of Appus in Pappayude Swantham Appus), is a shoddy product from a bunch of inexperienced youngsters. Written, directed and performed terribly, Mumbai Taxi will bore you to death.

The ATS in Mumbai one day gets a valid information about a terror attack that will happen in the evening of the same day. They have also been given the photograph of the terrorist who will be executing the mission. The movie basically shows us ATS’s efforts to find this terrorist who was travelling in a Mumbai Taxi that day.

The comparison I made with Acha Din was simply because of the fact that in both films the plot looks absolutely stupid and when it comes to the execution, Mumbai Taxi moves further ahead in being mediocre. What Fazil Basheer as a story teller has done here is a simple mixing of all the typical things we have seen in these one day thrillers that deals with the diffusing of bombs.  Producer who got a chance to act as a main character has been given mega introduction and honestly you will giggle seeing him perform. The so called suspense of the movie is easily predictable if you just listen to the dialogues. Lame jokes have been included to make things even boring.

Badusha overacts very much to take away all the love we had for his performance in the Mammootty starrer. The character at many places is mumbling and humming about “the actor’s” comeback which wasn’t cool at all. Marina Michael Kurisingal is just about okay in her performance. Producer Riyaz Fazzan challenges the old Unni Mukundan in being expressionless. Tini Tom has no role in the movie and Sreejith Ravi looks too comical that we might get terrified seeing him in that condition. Sunil Sughada also has a pointless role.

Fazil Basheer’s idea has no novelty. From A Wednesday to Pokiri, he has taken “inspiration” from every possible movie and has presented it in the most inexperienced manner. Screenplay doesn’t know to keep things excited. Not a single moment of genuine humour or thrill is there. Edits and cinematography were poor. Background score is disturbing.

With neither performance nor execution working in its favour, Mumbai Taxi is an extremely mediocre creation. Rating for the movie is 1/5. It’s just Badusha’s dream to be a superstar. I have somewhere read that the director never showed anyone any parts of the movie until the final cut was ready. Now I know why!

Final Thoughts

With neither performance nor execution working in its favour, Mumbai Taxi is an extremely mediocre creation.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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