Jamna Pyari

The formula of making Jamna Pyari is to add some clichés like Kochi Rajavu style heroism along with a pinch of T P Balagopalan M A. For just around two hours of runtime, Jamna Pyari is an unappealing Onam entertainer that tries to follow the safe zone formula of some old masala movies. With the idea of the goat Jamna Pyari utilized in the least captivating manner, Jamna Pyari as a movie disappoints.

Vasoottan is an all in all helping hand for the people who are close to him. He is an auto rickshaw driver and this helping habit of his ended up in an acquaintance with a girl. The girl and family who were in search of Jamna Pyari goats’ requests the help of Vasoottan and the movie is basically a journey of Vasoottan and friends to find these goats.

From the first scene itself you will smell some sort of outdated feel. The movie is somewhat an attempt to pitch Kunchako Boban as a family action hero. The kind of character Dileep used to do a while ago has been visualized using Kunchako Boban. A hero who is more comical, very sentimental about relationships, always helpful to others (hero taking the heroine to Railway station is something that looks too lame), becomes an action hero at times to save the poor. All these Rajnikanth inspired stuff lacks freshness and enthusiasm. Like Loham there is this festival of characters and I don’t have any clue about the necessity of actors like Aju and Neeraj in this movie. The main conflict of the movie is in finding the goats and honestly it looked way too easy.

Kunchako Boban wasn’t that comfortable with the Thrissur slang. It was a bit artificial. The heroine Gayathri Suresh looked beautiful and I believe she did the dubbing for her character and the performance had that natural feel. As he isn’t that great with any other slang, Joy Mathew gets a character who speaks the Kozhikoden Malayalam. Suraj Venjaramoodu is just okay. Aju Varghese and Neeraj Madhav play irrelevant characters. Muthumani and Anu Mol went unused. Maniyanpilla Raju and Renji Panicker were okay in their respective characters.

Thomas Sebastian who earlier made Mayabazar with Mammootty doesn’t seem to have much of an improvement. The sort of old-fashioned script gets somewhat an obsolete treatment. P R Arun who earlier scripted the flawed thriller Nellikka this time places a unique name in a clichéd formula. The deliberate heroism emphasis looks too cheesy on screen. The frames were too compact and uninteresting. Gopi Sunder these days seems to be struggling to get a catchy tune and better lyrics.

To sum it up, Jamna Pyari is Kunchako Boban’s attempt to be a Dileep. With a script that has all the outdated masala ideas in it, Thomas Sebastian’s new movie is one more onam disappointment. The rating is 2/5.

Final Thoughts

With a script that has all the outdated masala ideas in it, Thomas Sebastian’s new movie is one more onam disappointment.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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