Dream Girl

If you look at the structure of the new Ayushmann Khurrana film Dream Girl, you will get reminded of his first big success Vicky Donor.  While Vicky Donor had an extremely pertinent subject at the center and it sensitively approached it in the second half, Dream Girl is more interested in making things all the more comical. While the movie is definitely enjoyable due to its hilarious comedy bits, I won’t say it will stay with you like the way a Vicky Donor or a Badhaai Ho did.

Karamveer Singh is this young guy who plays the role of Seetha in the plays happening in his home city. Because of the gracious way he performs the role along with that voice, people have a lot of respect for him. But on the job front, he was a failure despite having a degree. One day he happens to see this ad that offered almost 70K per month and the job was to talk sweetly as a woman to desperate lonely men and women using a pseudo name Pooja. The good and bad of taking up this peculiar job is what Dream Girl showing us.

In the beginning, I said that structurally there is a similarity between Vicky Donor and Dream Girl. Just like Vicky who decided to sell his sperm to make money, Karam also decides to use his female voice to earn money. And just like Vicky, Karam also faces issues of hiding this job which isn’t that “presentable” from his partner and parents. Just like how Vicky Donor had a subtle emphasis on making sperm donation a good thing or like how Badhaai Ho embraced late pregnancy, there is a “message” oriented take on Dream Girl too. In the end, the hero is asking all “her” fans to communicate with the ones near to them and they will all have one comforting Pooja inside them. Maybe this could be the reason why Ayushmann Khurrana agreed to do this film. Up to interval, the movie flows really smoothly. But post-interval the writing just doesn’t have that organic flow in its proceedings.

I can’t really sense much of a challenge in Ayushmann Khurrana’s Karamveer who was pretty much in the Chirag Dubey zone. The flowing dialogues in both angry mode and the alter ego mode are really lovely to watch. Nushrat Bharucha is really pretty and that’s pretty much all about her performance. Annu Kapoor as Jagjeet Singh deserves to be appreciated for making a poorly written character look so likable on screen. Abhishek Banerjee as Mahendar and Vijay Raaz as the police officer were really memorable. Rajesh Sharma, Nidhi Bisht, Manjot Singh, Raj Bhansali etc are the other major actors here.

Raaj Shaandiliyaa, the director of the movie is making his debut through this film. He is actually the guy who has written scripts for the famous Kapil Sharma Show. If you compare the quality of comedy of Dream Girl with what we have seen in such shows, I would say the movie is much better. Like I already said, the movie has a really engaging first half and the point at which it ends its first half I was hoping for a sensible progressive entertainer. But the second half is far too stretched in my opinion. It definitely has dialogue humor and situational humor. But you won’t feel the story is moving to a place of conflict or solution. And the solution one gets to see on screen is way too simplistic. The music of the movie is kind of catchy.

Dream Girl is a passable comedy that can’t be added to the list of the entertaining and enlightening set of movies that Ayushmann Khurrana has been doing off late. It has its set of problems like the underwritten female lead and the typical regressive comedy. But in my opinion, the movie never went to a zone of a celebration of such jokes.

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Final Thoughts

Dream Girl is a passable comedy that can’t be added to the list of the entertaining and enlightening set of movies that Ayushmann Khurrana has been doing off late.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.