What is fascinating about Elaveezhapoonchira is how it restructures a simplistic revenge drama into a compelling character-driven revenge thriller. The clever distractions from the plot and the brilliant use of the landscape make Elaveezhapoonchira from Shahi Kabir one engrossing cinema with a fabulously layered script. With Soubin Shahir delivering a performance that is easily one… Continue reading Elaveezhapoonchira

Bheeshma Parvam

In the thanks credit of Bheeshma Parvam, you can see names like Vyasan, Maria Puzo, and Francis Ford Coppola. Bheeshma Parvam is basically Godfather Meets Mahabharatham. With signature Amal Neerad elements of heroics and character building, Bheeshma Parvam is engaging till the end, and I would say it manages to be that fan film with… Continue reading Bheeshma Parvam

Kallan D’Souza

Kallan D’Souza, the spinoff of the movie Charlie, is just a lazy attempt with no real imagination. The film offers absolutely nothing in terms of treatment or story, and the audience was desperately laughing hard at the mumbling dialogues of Hareesh Kanaran. With every event in the story looking extremely predictable and unexciting, Kallan D’Souza… Continue reading Kallan D’Souza


I know a section of the audience who felt Jallikkattu from Lijo Jose Pellissery was just Girish Gangadharan running behind some hyper-active locals. And for the same audience, his new film Churuli will feel like a movie where he decided to cut loose all his actors and allowed them to abuse each other to the… Continue reading Churuli


Naseef Yusuf Izuddin’s debut film Irul, starring Fahadh Faasil, Soubin Shahir, and Darshana Rajendran as main characters, wants to play that guessing game with the viewer. Like any thriller, we as an audience will constantly be trying to predict the possibility and find the real culprit. But in the case of Irul, it felt more… Continue reading Irul

Halal Love Story

Zakariya’s first movie Sudani from Nigeria that he co-wrote with Muhsin Parari had this universal outlook and it was about empathy and humanity. His new film Halal Love Story, again co-written along with Parari has the texture of a satire. Constructed as a religiously inclined organization’s efforts to make a telefilm, Halal Love Story is… Continue reading Halal Love Story