Monster Review | A Monstrous Debacle That Only Udaykrishna Will Find Different

I would say director Vysakh is a clever man in terms of making a film and promoting a film. In the promo material of the movie, he clearly stated that it is a different film for him and his writer Udaykrishna, which means you need to check the standard of their films before judging Monster.… Continue reading Monster Review | A Monstrous Debacle That Only Udaykrishna Will Find Different


Peace, the new dark comedy directed by Sanfeer, is a quirky experiment that is uneven yet very engaging. In the initial portions of the film, the narrative isn’t that smooth, and you feel a forceful effort to look cool. But once the triggering moment happens, it manages to grab the attention of the audience, and… Continue reading Peace


Towards the end of the movie Theerppu, there is a scene where Vijay Babu’s Ramkumar Nair tells Indrajith’s Kalyan Menon to stop the rhetoric and come to the point. It was pretty much what I felt when Prithviraj’s Abdulla Marakkar was sitting on that couch and saying lines before he could deliver justice. Theerppu is… Continue reading Theerppu

Mahaveeryar Review | An Imperfect Yet Impressive Fantasy

Abrid Shine has always chosen themes that were unique for his movies. His new movie, Mahaveeryar, starring Nivin Pauly and Asif Ali, is a wacky fantasy that gets a satirical treatment with political layers. While it does hold your interest with its fantasy element and political statements, there is a sense of vagueness in some… Continue reading Mahaveeryar Review | An Imperfect Yet Impressive Fantasy


In Makal, director Sathyan Anthikad and writer Iqbal Kuttippuram want to explore the teens of a girl who is going through a lot of mood swings because of her bodily changes. But this idea gets abandoned after a point, and somewhere, the movie starts to look for reasons to justify typical parenting strategies. Clueless about… Continue reading Makal


Mathukkutty’s debut directorial Kunjeldho is an unexciting film that depends too much on humor simply because of its inability to create moments. In interviews, I have heard Mathukkutty saying that this is a film based on real life. But even biopics become interesting when the writing manages to crack an exciting perspective to narrate the… Continue reading Kunjeldho


Towards the interval block of Shylock, the new Mammootty starrer from Ajai Vasudev, we get a feeling that this character might have something interesting to his credit. Because till that point we were seeing only the routine exaggerated stuff from the script. And when Boss tells the commissioner that you have no idea what’s coming… Continue reading Shylock


The latest Malayalam movie Uriyadi is directed by AJ Varghese who directed the entertaining light-hearted comedy Adi Kappyare Koottamani. Uriyadi is a victim of bloated scripting. There are so many irrelevant tracks in this movie that are just there for the sake of making this one look like a comedy movie. And towards the end… Continue reading Uriyadi