Monster Review | A Monstrous Debacle That Only Udaykrishna Will Find Different

I would say director Vysakh is a clever man in terms of making a film and promoting a film. In the promo material of the movie, he clearly stated that it is a different film for him and his writer Udaykrishna, which means you need to check the standard of their films before judging Monster.… Continue reading Monster Review | A Monstrous Debacle That Only Udaykrishna Will Find Different


In the last decade, the movies featuring Mohanlal and Mammootty, especially the mass masala films, had this fanboy tribute nature. And my personal favorite among those attempts was Lucifer. In Aaraattu, director B Unnikrishnan and writer Udaykrishna shows you the worst possible fanboy creation. When Stephen Nedumpally says Narcotics is a dirty business, the transition… Continue reading Aaraattu

Bro Daddy

If you were in that confused space before the release of Bro Daddy seeing the contradiction between the claims made by Prithviraj about the humor in the movie and the absence of genuine comedy in the promo content of the film, I would say you won’t feel disappointed after finishing this comedy entertainer. With color-rich… Continue reading Bro Daddy

Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham

The visual effects of Marakkar Arabikadalinte Simham are really good, and the background score from Rahul Raj is terrific. But the foundation of any good film is its screenplay. That aspect of Marakkar Arabikadalinte Simham is all over the place. A movie that was depicted as the story of a freedom fighter, who was a… Continue reading Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham

Drishyam 2

When you see the initial bits of Drishyam 2, which has this detailing in dialogues that might remind you of radio dramas, the chances of you getting irritated are high. But Jeethu Joseph was casting the same spell he used for the first one, distracting you into believing that this will be ordinary. I remember… Continue reading Drishyam 2