Iratta Review | Joju George Shines in a Thriller That Explores Dilemmas

The weirdly interesting thing about the new Joju George film Iratta is the fact that a significant part of the climax reveal is easily predictable. But despite that, when one key piece of information is revealed in the very last minutes of the film, you forget about all those things you guessed. And writer-director Rohith… Continue reading Iratta Review | Joju George Shines in a Thriller That Explores Dilemmas

Adrishyam Review | A Convoluted Mess With an Insufferable Flashback

In the first act of the movie Adrishyam, you get a feeling that we are dealing with two parallel investigations with certain common links. But by the time it reaches midway, the plot somewhat exposes everything it has. The second half is a massive load of backstory that is incredibly difficult to feel coherent. With… Continue reading Adrishyam Review | A Convoluted Mess With an Insufferable Flashback


Peace, the new dark comedy directed by Sanfeer, is a quirky experiment that is uneven yet very engaging. In the initial portions of the film, the narrative isn’t that smooth, and you feel a forceful effort to look cool. But once the triggering moment happens, it manages to grab the attention of the audience, and… Continue reading Peace

Solomante Theneechakal

Recently in the conversations happening in social media groups and even in troll groups, one particular scripting trope was under scrutiny. It was about this “wait, I can explain” – “no, we don’t want to hear anything” scenario in movies that were released a few years back. What I found most irritating about Lal Jose’s… Continue reading Solomante Theneechakal


Aviyal wants to be this eventful coming-of-age story about a man. But its peripheral approach and the desperation to look complex somewhere makes it an unimpressive script. It shows the travel of a man from his teens to early thirties. But the movie wants to cover so many bullet points that it forgets to invest… Continue reading Aviyal


In movies based on real-life incidents, the cinematic elements are usually added in a way one would know that certain phases in the screenplay are deliberately dramatized. Pada, directed by Kamal KM, is a film that has less interest in making it excessively cinematic. Instead of taking too much cinematic liberty to make it pleasing,… Continue reading Pada

Freedom Fight

Freedom Fight, the new anthology film from Malayalam streaming on SonyLIV, works in totality because of its treatment variety offered in each segment. Each story is a perspective on individual freedom. Toxic relationships, workplace inequalities, the injustice in the social hierarchy, the constraints of old people, and the oppression faced by the Dalits are the… Continue reading Freedom Fight

Putham Puthu Kaalai Vidiyaadhaa

Putham Puthu Kaalai Vidiyaadhaa, the new lockdown anthology from Amazon Prime Video, is arranged chronologically from bad to better. Every episode here is half an hour long and portrays a wide range of emotions. Balaji Mohan emphasizes the humor aspect of the situation. At the same time, the other directors are more interested in the… Continue reading Putham Puthu Kaalai Vidiyaadhaa