Christopher Review | Mammootty Sleepwalks Through This Flat Vigilante Thriller

Mammootty playing his age as a veteran cop in a stylized avatar is a wonderful sight, as the man has a reputation for displaying great swagger on screen. The comeback of Kamal Haasan through a movie like Vikram might have given B Unnikrishnan and Uday Krishna the idea of exploring such a space of star… Continue reading Christopher Review | Mammootty Sleepwalks Through This Flat Vigilante Thriller

Prakashan Parakkatte

The problem with Prakashan Parakkatte as a movie is precisely the problem of its central protagonist; lack of focus. With its episodic nature that lacks depth, Prakashan Parakkatte never gives you an idea of what it wants to depict. When the movie reached its interval, I thought the film was about to get some shape.… Continue reading Prakashan Parakkatte


In movies based on real-life incidents, the cinematic elements are usually added in a way one would know that certain phases in the screenplay are deliberately dramatized. Pada, directed by Kamal KM, is a film that has less interest in making it excessively cinematic. Instead of taking too much cinematic liberty to make it pleasing,… Continue reading Pada

Kallan D’Souza

Kallan D’Souza, the spinoff of the movie Charlie, is just a lazy attempt with no real imagination. The film offers absolutely nothing in terms of treatment or story, and the audience was desperately laughing hard at the mumbling dialogues of Hareesh Kanaran. With every event in the story looking extremely predictable and unexciting, Kallan D’Souza… Continue reading Kallan D’Souza