Ariyippu Review | An Up-Close Character Study That Effectively Utilizes Its Backdrop

In his latest venture, Ariyippu, Mahesh Narayanan uses a character-driven approach to address a subject driven by moral dilemmas and masculine ego. A plot that felt very one-dimensional gets considerable depth when Mahesh cleverly mixed it up with a corrupt system that was in the backdrop. With a making that keeps everything raw, Ariyippu hits… Continue reading Ariyippu Review | An Up-Close Character Study That Effectively Utilizes Its Backdrop


The number of twists happening in the last quarter of the new Fellini movie Ottu somewhere justifies why they decided to make a movie with a theme that almost every cinephile had in their mind when they first thought about making a film. The plan here is highly ambitious. But the making is so bad… Continue reading Ottu

Nna Thaan Case Kodu

When I watched Jolly LLB back when it was released, I remember getting absorbed by the courtroom procedures, primarily because of a fantastic Saurabh Shukla. Even though the movie’s climax seems a bit unrealistic, you sort of feel happy about what happens. Nna Thaan Case Kodu, from director Ratheesh Balakrishnan Poduval, may not be similar… Continue reading Nna Thaan Case Kodu


In movies based on real-life incidents, the cinematic elements are usually added in a way one would know that certain phases in the screenplay are deliberately dramatized. Pada, directed by Kamal KM, is a film that has less interest in making it excessively cinematic. Instead of taking too much cinematic liberty to make it pleasing,… Continue reading Pada

Bheemante Vazhi

Ashraf Hamza’s second directorial, Bheemante Vazhi, co-produced and written by Chemban Vinod Jose, is a rooted comedy that hilariously depicts one conflict over a path. Chemban uses a central premise to build a partially satirical and subtly emotional story. Ashraf repeats his Thamaasha style minimalistic humor treatment to create a constantly engaging film without doing… Continue reading Bheemante Vazhi


The core idea in Nizhal is actually a very interesting one. The space of mystery they created gets a very natural build-up. And even though it has intentions of being supernatural, the film is not trying to enter that space. The effort to be coherent is evident in the treatment of Nizhal. But somewhere, I… Continue reading Nizhal


The events in the movie Nayattu is happening over a span of merely 48 hours. But the depth to which the script of the film goes to show us the dangerously compromised system is simply brilliant. The magnitude of the events get escalated in an extremely believable and swift way, and the end result was… Continue reading Nayattu

Mohan Kumar Fans

The Jis Joy way of filmmaking has never been a thoroughly satisfying experience for me. All his movies are basically about people being optimistic and coming out of struggle successfully. As a viewer, I used to feel that his films are overly glossy, and the level of optimism he tries to impart to each story… Continue reading Mohan Kumar Fans