Ayalvaashi Review | An Unfocused Comedy Built on a Fragile Plot

To create drama, you need conflicts in a story. But when those conflicts are pretty thin and feel forcefully added to the script to have some friction, the drama doesn’t hold, and the film fails to have that desired impact. Ayalvaashi, the debut directorial from Irshad Parari, is one such movie. They are talking about… Continue reading Ayalvaashi Review | An Unfocused Comedy Built on a Fragile Plot


Sibi Malayil is a filmmaker who has made masterpieces whenever he has opted for character-oriented dramas. His combination with Lohithadas was always cinematically compelling as they portrayed their heroes as vulnerable human beings. This character-oriented approach has been missing in Sibi Malayil’s films in the last decade or so. I am not saying his new… Continue reading Kotthu

Anjaam Pathiraa

There is a conviction issue I always face when I watch psychological serial killer movies in Malayalam. The problem is mainly because of the inability of the makers to convince us about the situation and make us buy that unreal scenario. The good thing about Anjaam Pathiraa directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas was that I… Continue reading Anjaam Pathiraa


Writing a review for Jeethu Joseph’s new Tamil movie Thambi is a little bit tricky. Because the one comparison I have in my head is such that if I spill it, it might spoil the entire movie for you. Jeethu Joseph is a man who has created really impressive thrillers and we are all familiar… Continue reading Thambi