Prakashan Parakkatte

The problem with Prakashan Parakkatte as a movie is precisely the problem of its central protagonist; lack of focus. With its episodic nature that lacks depth, Prakashan Parakkatte never gives you an idea of what it wants to depict. When the movie reached its interval, I thought the film was about to get some shape.… Continue reading Prakashan Parakkatte


What I found fascinating about Vipin Das’ second film Antakashari is how it has set up its canvas. Even in the most memorable serial killer stories we have seen in Malayalam, there is an alienating factor in the premise. Most filmmakers overcome this by creating twists that make us forget about the unrelatable elements. Antakshari… Continue reading Antakshari


The new VK Prakash film Oruthee, which marks the comeback of Navya Nair in a lead role after almost 8 years, is a passable thriller mainly due to the performance of its leading lady. Set in the backdrop of Ernakulam city, S Suresh Babu’s script has familiar beats, which makes the film less surprising. But… Continue reading Oruthee


Meppadiyan by Vishnu Mohan is a mix of clich├ęs and interesting plot twists. The story here will remind you of the family dramas prominent in Malayalam cinema almost two decades ago. Vishnu Mohan basically revamps that genre with a central conflict that is relatable to nearly all the middle-class people in society. Thus Meppadiyan becomes… Continue reading Meppadiyan