Padachone Ingalu Kaatholee Review | A Wannabe Satire With No Aim and Too Many Subplots

At the tail end of the movie Padachone Ingalu Kaatholee, a voice-over talks about how all the recent murders that happened in Kerala, which were based on superstitions and black magic, are dragging us backward. The disjoint nature of that commentary made me wonder whether the movie’s makers added that to give a structure to… Continue reading Padachone Ingalu Kaatholee Review | A Wannabe Satire With No Aim and Too Many Subplots


In Chattambi, the idea is ultimately built around the discrimination faced by the central character Karia. However, the Shakespearian-style gangster drama doesn’t have consistency in maintaining the drama. Chattambi is a movie that tries to show the other side of how someone gets labeled as a goon. Even though it starts off impressively, the impact… Continue reading Chattambi

Bheeshma Parvam

In the thanks credit of Bheeshma Parvam, you can see names like Vyasan, Maria Puzo, and Francis Ford Coppola. Bheeshma Parvam is basically Godfather Meets Mahabharatham. With signature Amal Neerad elements of heroics and character building, Bheeshma Parvam is engaging till the end, and I would say it manages to be that fan film with… Continue reading Bheeshma Parvam


What makes the new Rojin Thomas movie #Home a very pleasing and heartwarming family drama is the relatability factor. I am not saying it’s a perfect movie by all means. Because there is a pattern to the screenplay and mild spoiler alert, you can sense a similarity with the M Mohanan movie Kadha Parayumbol in… Continue reading #Home


Taking a very slim idea and converting it into an engaging film is a very exciting thing to witness as a viewer. That process sort of shows you the endless opportunities in making a movie. Kappela could have been easily a preachy film. But debutant director Muhammed Musthafa tries to give it that cinematic appeal… Continue reading Kappela

Anjaam Pathiraa

There is a conviction issue I always face when I watch psychological serial killer movies in Malayalam. The problem is mainly because of the inability of the makers to convince us about the situation and make us buy that unreal scenario. The good thing about Anjaam Pathiraa directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas was that I… Continue reading Anjaam Pathiraa