Vazhakk Review | A Metaphor-Rich Drama Narrated as a Thriller

Multiple theories are possible for the latest Sanal Kumar Sasidharan film Vazhakk which deals with self-introspection. Vazhakk shows one day in the life of a young man who is having a troubled married life. While the first and second act kind of has this exposition nature, in the third act Sanal gives the movie an… Continue reading Vazhakk Review | A Metaphor-Rich Drama Narrated as a Thriller


The premise of the latest Tovino Thomas Keerthy Suresh starrer Vaashi is a very interesting one. Two lawyers who are in a relationship are our central characters. They appear as the prosecutor and defense lawyer in a case that dealt with rape based on the promise to marry. But the legal drama directed by Vishnu… Continue reading Vaashi


During the promotions of the film Naradan, Aashiq Abu had said that they are not explicitly targetting a person or any news organizations through this film. Even though the film critiques sensationalized journalism, one can clearly sense that they are targetting Arnab Goswami and the kind of loud journalism that others followed, seeing his success.… Continue reading Naradan


The fragility of the human mind and those grey areas of the moral dilemma have always produced interesting content with some peculiar characters. Kaanekkaane, the second directorial of Manu Ashokan after Uyare taps into those areas. Manu’s second collaboration with writer duo Bobby and Sanjay is a much more refined drama that focuses on the… Continue reading Kaanekkaane


Once in a while, you come across films that don’t want to fit into any mold. That doesn’t want to please a targeted audience. That doesn’t want to convey a message or even have a typical story structure. Kala was one such unique experience. If you have seen Steven Spielberg’s first film, Duel, you would… Continue reading Kala