Kaapa Review | A Gangster Drama Inclined Towards Style Over Substance

Kaapa ultimately wants to speak about the never-ending bloodshed in the gangster world. Poetic justice, fear, guilt, etc., are the ingredients that create the characters in that world who are very clear about their wrongdoing and what awaits them in the future. The plot is actually an excellent opportunity to explore that world from a… Continue reading Kaapa Review | A Gangster Drama Inclined Towards Style Over Substance

Kooman Review | A Mixed-Bag Thriller With an Excellent Asif Ali

In Kooman, the latest thriller from director Jeethu Joseph, he somehow manages to crack a story that resembles a blend of his two big successes; Drishyam and Memories. Kooman has one track where the protagonist hides something he has done and then tries to solve a mystery behind a series of murders. Written by KR… Continue reading Kooman Review | A Mixed-Bag Thriller With an Excellent Asif Ali


The exciting thing about Rorschach, the new film from Nissam Basheer starring Mammootty, is that it makes you believe that you have cracked the suspense very early. And it traverses beyond that prediction of ours in a non-jarring way. Written by Sameer Abdul, Rorschach is a brilliant blend of craft-rich making and detailed writing. With… Continue reading Rorschach


Sibi Malayil is a filmmaker who has made masterpieces whenever he has opted for character-oriented dramas. His combination with Lohithadas was always cinematically compelling as they portrayed their heroes as vulnerable human beings. This character-oriented approach has been missing in Sibi Malayil’s films in the last decade or so. I am not saying his new… Continue reading Kotthu


Abrid Shine has always chosen themes that were unique for his movies. His new movie, Mahaveeryar, starring Nivin Pauly and Asif Ali, is a wacky fantasy that gets a satirical treatment with political layers. While it does hold your interest with its fantasy element and political statements, there is a sense of vagueness in some… Continue reading Mahaveeryar

Kuttavum Shikshayum

In Kuttavum Shikshayum, the aim of Rajeev Ravi is not to present a thriller in front of the viewer. His movies have always been political and character-driven. In Kuttavum Shikshayum also, he focuses on the characters rather than the thriller element in the tale. If you are expecting a nail-biting climax, this isn’t that movie.… Continue reading Kuttavum Shikshayum


Mathukkutty’s debut directorial Kunjeldho is an unexciting film that depends too much on humor simply because of its inability to create moments. In interviews, I have heard Mathukkutty saying that this is a film based on real life. But even biopics become interesting when the writing manages to crack an exciting perspective to narrate the… Continue reading Kunjeldho