Boomerang Review | Frivolous Filmmaking Backed by Garbage Writing

Looking at the way Boomerang has been written, it is very evident that Manu Sudhakaran has not tried to understand the change that happened in Malayalam cinema in the last decade. Manu, whose first movie was released back in 2013, is still stuck in the cinematic sensibilities of those days, and his new movie Boomerang… Continue reading Boomerang Review | Frivolous Filmmaking Backed by Garbage Writing

Romancham Review | A Hilarious Horror Comedy With Smart Writing

In the horror genre, be it horror thriller or horror comedy, there is always a structure that will give us an idea about the ghost and will explain why the spirit is doing all those things. Romancham, the latest Malayalam horror comedy from debutant Jithu Madhavan is actually a horror comedy that doesn’t bother much… Continue reading Romancham Review | A Hilarious Horror Comedy With Smart Writing


In Chattambi, the idea is ultimately built around the discrimination faced by the central character Karia. However, the Shakespearian-style gangster drama doesn’t have consistency in maintaining the drama. Chattambi is a movie that tries to show the other side of how someone gets labeled as a goon. Even though it starts off impressively, the impact… Continue reading Chattambi


In Kaithi, when Karthi’s Dilli gets stabbed multiple times and yet bounces back, it doesn’t really stick out to damage the movie primarily because of the mood set by Lokesh Kanakaraj till that point. And there is a sense of mystery about that character. It’s no longer a secret that Lokesh’s new movie Vikram, starring… Continue reading Vikram

Bheemante Vazhi

Ashraf Hamza’s second directorial, Bheemante Vazhi, co-produced and written by Chemban Vinod Jose, is a rooted comedy that hilariously depicts one conflict over a path. Chemban uses a central premise to build a partially satirical and subtly emotional story. Ashraf repeats his Thamaasha style minimalistic humor treatment to create a constantly engaging film without doing… Continue reading Bheemante Vazhi


Jallikkattu is one grand cinematic vision of seemingly simplistic thought. I know people who have seen Unda and asked why there was no Maoist at the end. I am just dragging that movie in this review simply because, if you also had the same question at the end of Unda, Jallikkattu might well end up… Continue reading Jallikkattu