Selfiee Review | An Inferior Remake With a Superior Budget

I went into the theater to watch the latest Akshay Kumar movie Selfiee, and there were only 5 people with me watching this film. What made it a bit awkward was that the makers of the movie Selfiee had attached one footage at the beginning of the movie where Akshay Kumar thanked everyone for taking… Continue reading Selfiee Review | An Inferior Remake With a Superior Budget

Ram Setu Review | When Your Proof for Ram Setu Is a Jumanji Tale Set in Sri Lanka

The movie Ram Setu’s story is set in the year 2007. It is about a report submitted by the Archaeological Survey of India at the Supreme Court about its findings about the Ram Setu, aka Adam’s Bridge. Well, as per history, there was a scenario in 2007 where a report about the authenticity of the… Continue reading Ram Setu Review | When Your Proof for Ram Setu Is a Jumanji Tale Set in Sri Lanka


When I hear the song Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast, it somewhere takes me to those childhood memories of watching it on Doordarshan. To see the hero of that song play a 36-year-old police officer on screen in the new Disneyplus Hotstar film, Cuttputlli, is definitely a difficult thing. And it becomes even more… Continue reading Cuttputlli

Raksha Bandhan

Writers who are totally ignorant of society’s changes in gender-oriented debates can only write something like Raksha Bandhan. The new Anand L Rai film written by Himanshu Sharma and Kanika Dhillon is that ’80s movie that time traveled to 2022. This 110 minutes long Beti Padhao Burden Hatao ad campaign is the movie equivalent of… Continue reading Raksha Bandhan

Bachchhan Paandey

If the script is interesting, then even a bad filmmaker won’t be able to mess it up. This is a statement I have heard many people say in interviews. Well, the new film Bachchhan Paandey from Akshay Kumar has the potential to make those people rethink that statement. Bachchhan Paandey is very much a scene-by-scene… Continue reading Bachchhan Paandey

Atrangi Re

Anand L Rai and Himanshu Sharma are two creators who have made some memorable small-town characters. They get the texture of these characters very easily, and even the not-so-great Zero had characters that were fun to watch. Coming to the duo’s new film Atrangi Re, the kind of “celebration” mood Rai and Sharma creates through… Continue reading Atrangi Re


After a point, it becomes difficult to call a particular director’s movie as unimpressive as he has established himself as the director of a specific kind of movie. Sooryavanshi from Rohit Shetty is one more cop-action thriller that just wants to create loudness inside the theaters. Rohit Shetty has conditioned his audience over the years… Continue reading Sooryavanshi