Gold Review | An Uneven Yet Engaging Comedy With Alphonse Puthren Signature Elements

The filmmaking process of Alphonse Puthren has always been described as peculiar by all his collaborators as he improvises a lot on the sets and delivers something beyond the script. Krishna Shankar and Sharaf U Dheen have said in interviews that Alphonse is terrible at narration, and his movie shapes up in the editing table.… Continue reading Gold Review | An Uneven Yet Engaging Comedy With Alphonse Puthren Signature Elements

Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal

Slightly absurd thoughts can either become annoying ones or sometimes harmless fun rides. Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal, the new Vignesh Shivan movie, belongs to the second category. It is an idea that can easily go into that zone where you will find yourself doing facepalms. But with the right cast and less overdoing, Vignesh manages to… Continue reading Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal


The first half of Siva’s new film Annaatthe starring superstar Rajinikanth is what if Sundar C directed Viswasam. And the second half of the movie is Udanpirappe on steroids, something that is bound to happen since the hero is Rajinikanth. If you belong to that category of the audience who thinks that the village dramas… Continue reading Annaatthe


Netrikann, the new Nayanthara movie, is a thriller that feels inconsistent at times. What makes the film a watchable one is how the story unfolds and Ajmal Ameer’s performance as the antagonist. Despite the logical flaws, one could sense and the overtly verbal explanations, Netrikann manages to generate a sense of interest in the viewer.… Continue reading Netrikann


The core idea in Nizhal is actually a very interesting one. The space of mystery they created gets a very natural build-up. And even though it has intentions of being supernatural, the film is not trying to enter that space. The effort to be coherent is evident in the treatment of Nizhal. But somewhere, I… Continue reading Nizhal


Whenever Murugadoss tries to escalate the scale of things there is a lack of conviction evident in his presentation. His movies largely follow a template that sort of makes them his movies and the success of those movies depended on how he convinced the audience to buy those unreal situations. Darbar, Murugadoss’s first outing with… Continue reading Darbar


When Shah Rukh Khan tweeted the trailer of Bigil, he added his comment saying it looks like Chak De on steroids. Well, to a great extent Bigil is exactly that. When Pink got remade into Tamil as Nerkonda Parvai, we saw Ajith trashing goons brutally and for anyone who has seen Pink, that kind of… Continue reading Bigil