Adi Review | An Inept Mockery of the Fragile Male Ego

The 2019 movie Ishq directed by Anuraj Manohar, was a thriller that had this layer that mocked and criticized the fragile male ego. The movie never tried to sound preachy or woke with its dialogues. It was that quality that made Ishq a compelling cinema. The latest production from Dulquer Salmaan, Adi, directed by Prasobh… Continue reading Adi Review | An Inept Mockery of the Fragile Male Ego


I must admit that seeing a movie about a serial killer who kills film critics for their bad reviews was indeed a memorable experience and something I had never anticipated witnessing. R Balki’s Chup has a peculiar premise, and to a great extent, he uses violence and the quirkiness of the thought to make it… Continue reading Chup


When you make a children’s film, it is not necessary that it should only satisfy kids. We have witnessed a lot of films in the past that connect emotionally despite being a bit on the louder side. Babitha and Rinn’s Pyali intends to showcase the world of two kids with remarkable talents. But the script… Continue reading Pyali


On a scripting level, in terms of detailing, Salute has enough juice to make an intriguing investigative thriller that isn’t so loud. The movie tries to create two parallel cat and mouse narratives. One of them is about the hero, and the other is about a mysterious guy. But with stiff dialogues and a treatment… Continue reading Salute

Maniyarayile Ashokan

5 Years ago, around this time there was another Onam release in Malayalam that marked the debut of director Basil Joseph; Kunjiramayanam. The first half of, this year’s first Onam release Maniyarayile Ashokan directed by Shamzu Zayba,  reminded me of that fun experience I had while watching Kunjiramayanam. The characterizations are eccentric and a lot… Continue reading Maniyarayile Ashokan