Aanaparambile World Cup Review | A Decent Kids Film With the Usual Underdog Template

Aanaparambile World Cup from debutant Nikhil Premraj isn’t trying anything astounding on a script level, as the story here is a very basic underdog tale that we all are familiar with. But the story’s setting is endearing as it features kids in prominent roles. With an okay story that covers the love for football among all generations, Aanaparambile World Cup is a passable kid’s film that never becomes a drag.

The movie is centered on this seven-member team of kids from a place called Aanaparambu. One of them is Ummer, the youngest one with an incredible love for football and Messi. The seven kids needed a home ground for their team to practice. How that journey to find the ground eventually results in their participation in a mega tournament is what we see in the movie.

As I said, there are no points for guessing the template. In the first half, we have them as these nobodies. And in the second half, they become these dark horses who surprise everyone. It is actually in certain moments the movie gets elevated. The rapport among the kids was fun to watch in the first half as they weren’t really uttering the written dialogues in a staged way. And when it comes to the second half, it was actually the choreography of the match sequences that created those moments.

The young lad Danish who played Ummer in the film was a perfect choice as his talent for football, and the innocence in his face made the audience root for him. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the names of the other kids in the star cast. Captain, the free-kick expert, and the tall one with the CR7-like goal celebration were all memorable. Antony Varghese and his track are perhaps an add-on to the story for a better satellite value. But luckily, that track never became a burden for the film.

In terms of capturing the thrills of a football match, I think Nikhil Premraj has done a good job. The obvious compromises in the film, as it is playing it for the gallery and also paying tribute to legends like IM Vijayan and Jo Paul Ancheri, are making certain scenes extra cheesy. As I said in the beginning, the target audience of the film is the kids, and I think the compromises we see in the film might not be an issue with the sensibilities of little kids.

Since the performances of the child actors and the way Nikhil Premraj has depicted the dynamic between them isn’t too unreal, there is a great chance that the kids will like the film and the adults won’t find it like a patience tester, despite everything being predictable. Aanaparambile World Cup is a decent sports drama that follows a familiar template.

Final Thoughts

With an okay story that covers the love for football among all generations, Aanaparambile World Cup is a passable kid's film that never becomes a drag.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.