Compared to Rahul Riji Nair’s last two theatrical releases Dakini and Kho Kho, Keedam, his new film starring Rajisha Vijayan, is a much more refined presentation. But the story and its drama are pretty much on the superficial level that the movie fails to create any impact on the viewer. The fluency in performances and… Continue reading Keedam

Freedom Fight

Freedom Fight, the new anthology film from Malayalam streaming on SonyLIV, works in totality because of its treatment variety offered in each segment. Each story is a perspective on individual freedom. Toxic relationships, workplace inequalities, the injustice in the social hierarchy, the constraints of old people, and the oppression faced by the Dalits are the… Continue reading Freedom Fight

Ellam Sheriyakum

Ellam Sheriyakum, the new Asif Ali – Rajisha Vijayan film by Jibu Jacob, is a safe bet script that plays it for the gallery. The apolitical stand we see in the “political” movies in Malayalam cinema can also be seen here. With a foggy conflict and bumper sticker lines about party politics and family, the… Continue reading Ellam Sheriyakum


The hurdle in front of any filmmaker who wants to create a sports drama is that he or she has to surprise or indulge an audience who knows the movie’s structure. An underdog team coming up as victorious is possibly the story of almost every other sports drama. But when craft in making and smartness… Continue reading Kho-Kho