Ameerin Aadhi Bhagavan

The promos and trailers of director Ameer Sultan’s new movie Ameerin Aadhi Bhagavan were quite a letdown. But when you watch the film you will understand why the promising director presented it in such a manner. A typical and predictable first half and a surprise package in second half makes this movie an interesting watch.

The story is actually about the guy Aadhi who migrated to Bangkok along with family comprising of mother and sister. Aadhi soon gets in touch with the mafia world and manages to accumulate plenty of money. Unethical way of making money forces his mother to leave him and takes his sister along with her. Aadhi falls in love with a girl whom he rescued from a trouble. She takes care of him when he gets injured in a mafia shoot out. They decide to take the relationship a step ahead by getting married. Before marriage Karishma asks Aadhi to accompany her to India where she is going to visit her father. The surprising things that awaits Aadhi on his arrival at Mumbai, the foul plays by the people around him and how he manages to take revenge on those who spoiled his comeback is what Aadhi Bhagavan all about.

Well revealing or talking about the suspense factor will be an injustice to you guys. But second half of the movie has a real surprise that was suppressed in the promos. The typically made first half will not satisfy you. But the engaging and interesting second half will surely entertain you. With the movie title getting justified in the second half you will enjoy the new face and the phase.

On screen Jayam Ravi gets a chance to prove his acting skills in his Bhagavan avatar. The wickedness has been portrayed nicely. Neethu Chandra as Karishma excels more in the second half. She deserves a special mention for performing some risky fights.  Malayalam actor Saiju Kurup portrays the role of a cop and he was quite successful in his antagonist avatar. Sudha Chandran and Babu Antony also gets a fair roles.

In the making, Ameer has gone to a commercial level in this one. The first half has been treated as a typical Don movie were things are easily predictable and usual rom-com dance and all are there to kill the expected feel. But Ameer bounces back smartly in the second half with some interesting twists and turns. Screenplay is charmless in the first half and engaging in the second half. Cinematography also looks cool in the second half. The fights had its moments here and there. But largely it was choreographed by the editor. The climax fight could have been done better with the use of quality VFX. The songs aren’t that catchy from Yuvan.

Overall, Ameerin Aadhi Bhagavan is an interesting film. Ameer has done the right thing by creating thumbs down promo series for the movie. It’s a movie that you can’t really write off. I am giving 3/5 for this one. Taste it. You won’t puke for sure.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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