Baaghi 3

The audacity of the director Ahmed Khan to credit himself as the “Action Designer” and director of the movie Baaghi 3, after making all those atrocious abuses of the branch of science called Physics for almost two and a half hours deserves a minimum of two film fare awards. You hear all these conversations happening in the cinephile world such as the audience is evolving, people are looking for content, etc and then something like a Baaghi 3 will happen with earth-shattering box office collection making you wonder whether all those discussions were happening in a parallel universe. 

Ronnie is our hero and he has a brother in this new story. His elder brother Vikram always screams Ronnie’s name whenever he was in trouble and Ronnie will just appear out of nowhere and save Vikram. So after a series of events, Vikram becomes a super cop (don’t ask how) and before we know it, a Maharashtrian police inspector is going to Syria for an official mission. And like you saw in the trailer Vikram got abducted by the terrorist group and the movie is basically about Ronnie going to Syria to save his brother. 

I wonder how the sittings about the discussion of the content of Baaghi 3 happen. I mean, how can so many people agree to an utter crap concept without any hesitation? The movie is based on the 2012 Tamil movie Vettai and they have pushed it to an unbearable level. At one point Tiger Shroff is battling against 3 deadly choppers and he is also fighting against multiple tanks. And just when I thought they have finally decided to stop insulting logic, Ahmed Khan had a different plan of reintroducing an old masala movie prop of the hero rising from the dead when someone screams his name.  I mean, it’s like watching Sajid Nadiadwala and Ahmed Khan trying to stop the audiences from evolving into a better class. When you have a hero with unreal physique, mind-blowing action flexibility, and a sure shot box office collection, why can’t you push it to the next level rather than making banal stories?

Ahmed Khan who made Baaghi 2 continues from where he left last time. His idea of bigger is giving a bigger headache to the viewer. That atrocious second half stunts performed by Tiger Shroff is like a sophisticated spoof of an Avengers movie. The injury my brain suffered during those 15 minutes was fatal. The storytelling here has no grace to its credit as we get the familiar treatment in every beat of the movie. You can see them filling the screenplay with scenes to make the first half lengthier. And as a writer, Farhad Samji can’t resist his slapstick comedy even in front of the most dreaded terrorist. The cinematography is on the glossy side with visuals always accentuating Tiger’s body and style. The visual effects are burdened by unreal imagination and I felt bad for those guys. 

As always, Tiger Shroff is playing with his limited set of expressions and depending overly on his flexibility as an action star. There is no denying the fact that he is outstanding as an action star. Shraddha Kapoor has absolutely no purpose here and I was wondering what was the need of her character in the Syria phase of the script. Ritesh Deshmukh is actually a really smart choice to be that naive brother, but he somewhere becomes that Housefull character and Farhad Samji has given him lines that might confuse you whether you are watching Baaghi or Housefull. Jameel Khoury is the typical villain with that loud tone and thick beard. Money could only be the reason why Jaideep Ahlawat and Vijay Varma signed this movie.

Baaghi 3 is what if Balakrishna did his stunts with a believable physique and with the help of better graphics. Like a lot of Tiger Shroff’s movies, Baaghi 3 is also focusing only on the chiseled abs and the unreal flexibility of Tiger Shroff. Just to make the package look complete by adding a dance number, they have added that Dus Bahane remix which I skipped due to two reasons; one, the first Dus Bahane is like a nostalgic memory and two, I couldn’t bear further nonsense in the name of filmmaking.

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Final Thoughts

Baaghi 3 is what if Balakrishna did his stunts with a believable physique and with the help of better graphics.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.