Ente Ummante Peru

Ente Ummante Peru starring Tovino Thomas and Urvashi has a good intent at its core. But the plot here isn’t really evolving in an exciting way. It is almost like the writers deliberately converted it into 2 hour plus movie to make it feel like a commercial movie. The rapport between Hameed and Aysha in the second half is perhaps the only phase of the movie where the synergy sort of kicks in. But there is a really long phase prior to that which doesn’t have much of sync.

So Hameed is the only son of Hyder. Hyder was a peculiar person who was a mystery to even his closest of friends. Nobody had any idea about Hyder’s family. So when Hyder died Hameed became an orphan. And his marriage also became an issue as nobody wanted to give their daughters to a man who had no family members. So Hameed decides to find his mother from whatever information he had at that point and the movie is about this journey to find that person.

If you have seen that teaser, there is definitely potential in this theme. But where Jose Sebastian and Sarath R Nath can’t really make use of the thread is in creating solid enough subplots. When you finish the movie you can really feel that the Lucknow portions were the one the makers had clarity. The romance portions in the beginning, the journey to find the first mother which has its own humor bits etc. feels like a burden to this concept. Even the crucial Lucknow portions had this stuck feel to it as the story wasn’t really evolving for the better. By the time the movie reached portions that felt hearty, there was too much of irrelevant stuff that distracted you from the soul of the movie.

Tovino Thomas in the initial portions had some problems in getting the slang right. But he picked it up in the process. His acting style is somewhat becoming repetitive which isn’t that boring to be honest. The naïve feel he has given to Hameed at times was a bit too much. Urvashi who delivered a fabulous performance in Aravindhante Adhithikal gets a character that had more shades and the actress was really good. Hareesh Kanaran gets a fully fledged character and wasn’t really a burden for the movie. Mamukkoya was fine. Siddique’s character wasn’t really necessary.


Jose Sebastian’s making should have reduced the loudness of some of the statements in the movie. The caricature tone that some characters have sort of reduces the charm of the idea. And like I said, the plot points that have eventually constructed the whole film aren’t really merging smoothly. The film lingers on certain areas for too long. The sort of disappointment got reduced considerably in the last half an hour of the movie where there was a really engaging chemistry between Tovino and Urvashi. Even that small surprise in the end would have been even more effective if the build up till that point added up smoothly. Visuals were fine and the music was also good.

Ente Ummante Peru is watchable for sure. But the intent here is to deliver a heartwarming story about a mother son relationship. But to get that feel you will have to be as naïve as the central character Hameed of this movie.

Rating: 2.5/5

Final Thoughts

The intent here is to deliver a heartwarming story about a mother-son relationship. But to get that feeling you will have to be as naïve as the central character Hameed of this movie.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.