When asked about their criterion for picking a subject, writer duo Bobby and Sanjay recently said in an interview that they will choose only those subjects that sort of come back to them without losing the element of excitement. I am talking about this writer duo because the latest film from director KK Rajeev, Evidey’s USP is the credit given to Bobby and Sanjay for the story. As a viewer after finishing that movie, I could easily understand why those two never decided to develop a screenplay based on such a preachy thin idea.

Symphony Zachariah is a musician. But like almost all the stereotypical musician character, he also has this irresponsibility tag. At one point Zachariah goes missing and his wife decides to give a complaint to the police. In the midst of the investigation, the family started receiving letters from Zachariah and they decided to withdraw the complaint. But soon they realized that something was fishy about those letters and the movie Evidey basically shows us the journey of Zachariah’s wife Jessi and his father Kuttichan to find him.


A few minutes into the movie there was an odd comedy track featuring the characters played by Asha Sharath and Baiju Santhosh. That was a minor signal that the writing won’t have anything you will see in a script by Bobby Sanjay. 10 minutes after that, out of nowhere, a campus friendship song popped up and that pretty much gave an idea about what kind of a script Krishnan C has written. Off late there have been a lot of films coming with big messages written just before the end credits. Evidey is basically a 117 minutes long advertisement against the use of drugs.  They are randomly adding sequences and characters to make it all the more sentimental and that was extremely annoying.

Asha Sharath is in her usual mode of showing panic on screen. She also couldn’t handle the awkward humor in the movie. Shebin Benson plays the role of her son and I must say that his portrayal of the psychic shade of the character had an unintentional comedy feel to it. Manoj K Jayan is in his typical eccentric daddy mode. Co-producer Prem Prakash gets a meaty role. Baiju Santhosh was okay as the police character. Suraj Venjaramood is there playing his role effectively, but the need for that role is questionable. Udhaharanam Sujatha fame Anashwara Rajan is there in an unimportant role.

KK Rajeev’s treatment only worsens the dull screenplay by Krishnan C. He approaches the content as a daily soap and we can clearly sense them stretching the content pointlessly at some areas. I am complaining about the length of a movie that is less than two hours long. I guess that talks a lot about the screenwriting quality. The film is lingering around melodramatic moments rather than creating any thrills or intrigues. It reaches twists that are visible from a mile away. I still don’t understand what they were trying to pitch using the character played by Suraj Venjaramood. The songs are placed randomly.

Evidey wants to look like a thriller, but what it only knows is to be melodramatic at every second. Even those old school people who are adamant about the social commitment of movies would find this film hardly enjoyable.

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Final Thoughts

Evidey wants to look like a thriller, but what it only knows is to be melodramatic at every second.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.