Ginny Weds Sunny

You really can’t cover-up bad writing by using actors who are extremely talented. The new Netflix release, Ginny Weds Sunny is one solid example of that. Vikrant Massey and Yami Gautam are easily among the finest talents in the Hindi film industry and this movie which in a way sees their entry to the “commercial” movie space is a bland idea that simply follows a template that is extremely outdated. Their efforts to make it look more modern and relatable take out every possible chance of one liking the movie and it is an extremely tedious watch.

Sunny, who loves cooking wants to start a restaurant business and his father will give him the money to start the business only if he agrees to get married. He tries his luck at wooing women and fails terribly. Sunny eventually ends up at the hands of a matchmaker named Shobha, who was also a family friend. Ginny was Shobha’s only daughter and Ginny was adamant that she will only have a love marriage. Seeing both Sunny and Ginny at a wedding, Shobha decides to do the matchmaking of the two, and the movie Ginny Weds Sunny is about how that plan goes.

I do agree with the argument that romance is cheesy. But we have evolved so much that it can also be written smartly. Ginny Weds Sunny is a movie that wants the comedy label very desperately. Grace is not at all a characteristic one can associate with this movie. The songs are popping out of nowhere and the comedy bits are forcefully squeezed in. In the entire movie, Ginny is pictured as a confused young woman who doesn’t know which guy to pick. It is indeed a dilemma many women may have gone through. But in order to feel that confusion of the leading lady, we should be given two candidates who are equally good. The one guy who ultimately gets rejected in the story is such a horrible character that Ginny’s confusion will cause you major irritation.

Puneet Khanna is trying to make this look like that urban middle-class rom-com. But as I already said, his writers aren’t offering him anything that can be called interesting. The stalking sequences, in the beginning, are so forcefully added to the narrative that you will feel bad for Vikrant Massey whose talent never deserved anything like this. By the time the movie reaches the Savan Mein Lag Gayi Aag song, one would be able to understand the level of mediocrity. Ginny Weds Sunny has no plans to surprise you from that assumption as it plunges into the cliché of hero and heroine rejecting each other back and forth. It was almost like Vikrant and Yami who both grew up in the ‘90s signed this film to enjoy their childhood dream of being the hero and heroine of some of the major blockbusters of that time.

Vikrant Massey who has delivered solid performances in the recent past is trying in vain to lift this dull project. Some of the sequences where he bursts out with anger have that genuine feel. But in those forcefully comical sequences in the movie, he seems to be struggling to match with the awkward pitch of the film. Yami Gautam gets to wear good clothes and dance to multiple tracks. Other than that the movie wasn’t at all a challenge for her. Suhail Nayyar as Nishant was unbearable. Ayesha Raza Mishra was able to deliver some moments of laughter through her scenes.

Boy meets girl, an introduction song, stalking, a third guy comes in the picture, misunderstanding, and the age-old Hindi movie climax cliché; all these packaged in a tasteless way in the backdrop of the current generation is Ginny Weds Sunny. The talented lead pair of this movie deserves a much better film.

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Final Thoughts

It was almost like Vikrant and Yami who both grew up in the ‘90s signed this film to enjoy their childhood dream of being the hero and heroine of some of the major blockbusters of that time.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.