Heropanti 2

Towards the end of the movie Heropanti 2, there is a moment where director Ahmed Khan made Nawazuddin Siddiqui say the line, “What an actor! He should get an Oscar” about Tiger Shroff. The word audacity feels like an inferior one to describe the arrogant confidence of Ahmed Khan and Sajid Nadiadwala. Every week there is some debate or interview that sheds light on the lack of content in Bollywood. Then a major production house decides to release a trashy film like Heropanti 2 as a festive release.

Babloo is our hero. He is a hacker who once worked for Laila, a magician-come mafia don who wants the money of all Indians. Laila and his men are looking for Babloo as he once ruined their plans. What was that plan and what all things Babloo had to face because of his involvement is what we see in Heropanti 2.

When movies fail at the box office, there is always something to learn. Seeing something like a Heropanti 2 that got greenlit after debacles like Race 3, Dabangg 3, etc., makes me wonder whether Bollywood really cares to learn from its mistakes. The introduction scene of the heroine in Heropanti 2 has Tara Sutaria’s Inaya asking Tiger Shroff’s Babloo to take off his pants so that she can confirm his identity. In the interval block, the sword fight rips off Tiger’s shirt. And towards the climax, Tiger fights with hundreds of fighters with the dagger, and the only thing they can do is rip off his shirt. I kind of have this feeling that the script of this movie had only the pictures of fluorescent Lamborghinis and shirtless Tiger Shroff.

There are things only Tiger Shroff can do, and he is really good at it. By the above statement, I don’t mean acting, and the actor is still not that great at it. In this movie, he tries to be an actor by switching between Attitude Babloo and Innocent Babloo. It was like seeing a 5-year-old doing an impersonation of Ajith Kumar from Vedhalam; cute. Tara Sutaria’s Inaya is the badly written version of Poo from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum (Yes, you will feel that Poo was a better-written character once you see this film). I hope Nawazuddin Siddiqui was paid handsomely for this role because nothing else justifies his decision to take up this pathetically written comical villain.

Ahmed Khan has previously collaborated with Tiger Shroff in the Baaghi series. Like that franchise, he makes sure that this movie is enjoyable for people with low IQ. If you ask me, the confidence to design a pointless parking lot stunt sequence with lousy CGI and too many luxury cars is some level of a thick skin. The songs are popping out of nowhere, and it was a bit heartbreaking to see a song like Jalwanuma in a terrible movie like Heropanti 2. The editing is a mess, and it is really tough to identify the past and present in this film.

The story credit of the movie is given to producer Sajid Nadiadwala who rewrote the Jigarthanda remake Bachcchan Paandey and ruined it. And frankly, taking credit for the story in Heropanti 2 is like taking ownership of something that doesn’t exist. Heropanti 2 is MCBC- Mocking Cinema By Choice.

Final Thoughts

Ahmed Khan has previously collaborated with Tiger Shroff in the Baaghi series. Like that franchise, he makes sure that this movie is enjoyable for people with low IQ.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.