Judgemental Hai Kya

The basic idea of the new Kangana Ranaut starrer Judgemental Hai Kya comes from a point of perspective. Our interpretation of normal and abnormal depends way too much on being a regular person. And among the not so regular ones, we tend to call some mental, simply because they weren’t afraid to be themselves in the public eye. Kanika Dhillon is somewhat juggling with this idea in her new script Judgemental Hai Kya (previously titled Mental Hai Kya) and the end result is an interesting one.

Article 15

When the movie Article 15 got announced and even when the trailer of the movie dropped, one thing that sort of bothered me was that whether it will end up being a semi-documentary that one will have to appreciate only for the intent. But the most appreciable thing about this movie is that you can […]

Super 30

There is a scene in the movie Super 30 where an upper-class private tuition center head tries to threaten Anand Kumar. And the response Kumar gives to him is that “everywhere you guys have forced us to stand at the very end of the line, even death will take some time to reach us”. That […]

Kabir Singh

Kabir Singh directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga is like the best case scenario of a highly problematic film. You may feel empathy towards the alcoholic, disoriented condition of the hero. But what he was before that and the way this film tries to justify his behavior is an extremely difficult thing to digest. And what is […]


Bharat is like a constant tussle between the director’s intent and a star’s larger than life persona. Ali Abbas Zafar, the only director to carve out the actor in Salman Khan in the last decade (referring to Sultan) or so has many plans for this movie. But he is constantly under this pressure of catering […]

PM Narendra Modi

In one particular scene in director Omung Kumar’s biopic on Narendra Modi titled PM Narendra Modi, Indira Gandhi is shown as this worried woman who wants to arrest this new sensation of Gujarat, Mr. Narendra Modi. While plucking roses from her garden she asks her subordinates to arrest Modi. While leaving the garden, she casually […]

India’s Most Wanted

The climax of the movie India’s Most Wanted has director Raj Kumar Gupta trying to pull off his version of Argo. As some parts of it did work for me, I left the theater with a disappointment that this was a movie that had the potential to be a genuine espionage thriller. The dilution in […]

De De Pyaar De

At the core of De De Pyaar De, there is a unique and interesting topic of the age gap in marriages. In one scene Ajay Devgn’s 50-year-old Ashish explains his confusion about getting married to a 26-year-old Ayesha as he fears how problematic things will be just after 10 years. The disappointment I felt after […]