Khali Purse of Billionaires Review | A Lousy and Insufferable Modern-Day Dasan-Vijayan Story

Sometimes when you watch a film, you wonder how this movie was approved on a script level. Because there is nothing much happening in those movies other than some random gags with a very impromptu feel in the execution. Khali Purse of Billionaires, starring Dhyan Sreenivasan and Aju Varghese as the main leads, is one such movie that looks like it started shooting one fine morning and wrapped up when the allotted money was over.

Bibin Vijay and Bibin Das are the central characters of the movie. They both are managing this startup venture in a rented house in Kochi. Post-corona, things were looking extremely bleak for the startup. And to make it worse, the company for which Vijay was working hadn’t even paid him his salary for almost 6 months due to the financial crunch. With Vijay using marriage as the last hope to escape from the financial difficulties, we see how the entrepreneurial life of these two changes after Vijay’s marriage.

There are too many engineers out there working in those small IT firms with the dreams of having a startup of their own that will flourish into something big. It is not an unrelatable space, and at the same time, it is not fresh either. Writer-Director Maxwell Jose is trying to explore that relatable space with an absolute garbage script. It almost feels like they wrote scenes and created characters on the set based on the availability of location and actors. The way Khali Purse of Billionaires tries hard to justify the inefficiency of the two men to have some financial discipline as the struggles of entrepreneurs is laughable. And like I said, there is no aim to the script, which just goes on and on showing the same struggle.

Dhyan Sreenivasan is playing pretty much himself in the movie (based on what he has revealed about himself in all those interviews). The lack of interest is so evident that his character is wearing Dhoti to the office, an attire in which we have seen Dhyan off late. Aju Varghese is also repeating himself; the only difference is instead of Nivin Pauly, it is Dhyan Sreenivasan. Tanvi Ram gets a lengthy and vital character. But besides her Karate knowledge, nothing else is required for the role offered to her. Idavela Babu, Sohan Seenu Lal, Arjun Ashokan, Ahamed Siddique, Sarayu, Jagadish, Rafi, Sminu Sijo, Major Ravi, Neena Kurup, Dharmajan, Ramesh Pisharody, Lenaa, etc. are part of the elaborate cast with mostly insignificant characters.

Showing the financial struggles of the entrepreneurs might well be the intention of Maxwell Jose. But the writing is so clumsy that a lack of planning is visible in the film from the beginning. They depend on pointless sidetrack jokes to increase the movie’s length. The banter humor is repetitive, and the situational humor looks super meh. The characterizations are highly sloppy, and there is this tendency to make almost every character on screen some sort of comedy piece. The placement of songs was awkward. The cinematography was way too basic.

The movie ends with a scenario where our hero is forced to start from scratch. And for no reason, as the end credits roll, the guys in the room are very optimistic about a bright future. Looking at the overall nothingness of Khali Purse of Billionaires, I don’t think it would be wrong to call it a scam.

Final Thoughts

Looking at the overall nothingness of Khali Purse of Billionaires, I don't think it would be wrong to call it a scam.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.