Mr. & Ms. Rowdy

The new Jeethu Joseph film Mr. & Ms. Rowdy actually had the scope to be a My Boss type entertainer because of the quirky premise of the movie. And to an extent, there are a lot of humor bits that made me laugh or giggle. But the issue with the movie is the climax and the way it lands on that climax. The outdated nature of the script in that portion makes this film a major disappointment.

Appu is a wannabe goon along with his four friends. The five men gang was involved in a murder in childhood and because of the sentence they faced, the society never gave them an opportunity to have a proper life and they decided to live a life by trying to excel in mafia quotation jobs. The movie Mr. & Ms. Rowdy shows us how the life of this gang changes when a girl named Poornima comes into their life accidentally.

As I said, the film had the ingredients for a simple and harmless comedy entertainer one can watch without much strain. Looser characters constantly facing backlash and with the inclusion of a stubborn girl, there was scope for spoofing of the rowdy life which we are familiar through movies. And the film to an extent does explore such possibilities and even though things weren’t that novel in terms of content it was never really annoying. But once the film enters the dark zone of twist and drama, it became way too predictable and the whole human trafficking episode and the turn of events after that looked isolated from the main plot. It almost felt like they just added an alien climax to the comedy plot just to have an ending and that ruined the film.

In terms of acting, Kalidas Jayaram has to find a solution to his Unni Mukundan style dialogue delivery. Malayalam isn’t coming out fluently from his mouth and because of the effective performance of his costars the lack of confidence in his portrayal of Appu shows. Aparna Balamurali scores greatly in her role as Poornima. She gives this energetic and self-made vibe to this character. And even though we have seen her in similar characters before, she manages to give a difference. The gang of Appu deserves appreciation. Ganapathi shows he has the capacity to pull off better characters. Vishnu Govindan is there only for humor and he does manage to make the people laugh. Shebin Benson is a bit eccentric, but luckily not annoying. The talented Sarath Sabha (whom I loved in the Babusenan brothers’ movie Ottayal Patha) has utilized the minimal screen time he had to make an impression. Even though the character was small, it was good to see Esther performing naturally. Her performance in Shaji N Karun’s Olu was extremely dramatic. The usually stiff Shaheen Siddique was also performing smoothly in the movie. Sai Kumar, Vijay Babu, Joy Mathew, Meghanathan, Vijayaraghavan etc. are the other main stars here who are given characters that don’t really challenge them.

The script of the Jeethu Joseph film is written by his wife Linta Jeethu. I have read in an interview that Jeethu Joseph wanted a break from doing thrillers and opted to go with the script his wife wrote. Well, it seems like they got the plot and developed it neatly until the point they chose to end the film. Mr. & Ms. Rowdy was like a passable popcorn comedy for a major chunk of its runtime. The humor wasn’t unbearable or gimmicky. Linta Jeethu was able to strike a balance between characters. But, the last quarter of the film was severely clichéd. I hoped for something shocking or surprising to come out in that last half an hour, but Mr. & Ms. Rowdy had no such plans to surprise its audience and the typical nature of it along with the absence of humor from the content sort of made the movie a dull experience. The cinematography was okay. The music wasn’t that memorable and the background score was underwhelming.

Mr. & Ms. Rowdy is not a comedy that will get on your nerves with its eccentricity. It has glimpses of the kind of My Boss style comedy Jeethu Joseph has done previously. But there is no effort to make it a memorable comedy and the climax drags it back even further.

Rating: 2/5

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Final Thoughts

Mr. & Ms. Rowdy has glimpses of the kind of My Boss style comedy Jeethu Joseph has done previously. But there is no effort to make it a memorable comedy and the climax drags it back even further.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.