Oru Adaar Love

Last year there was a Vikram movie Sketch which was like clichéd heroism stuff with a tail end that says raise children properly or they might end up being criminals. It almost made me feel that the director knew that what he made was terrible and to cover up that he simply put a “message” angle to it to confuse the audience. Omar Lulu’s Oru Adaar Love is worse than Sketch in using that trick. Omar tries to make this shallow love story look like a profound one in the most laughable way. 

So the story is set in the backdrop of a plus two batch in a school named Don Bosco. Roshan and Priya are in the same batch and they are interested in each other. As there isn’t much of a story there in the film, let me just say that Oru Adaar Love talks about that relationship and the complications in it. 

So the movie begins with footages of state youth festival and I don’t know what relevance it had in the movie. Then it shifts to this to ridiculous random school episode where nothing seems to have a point. I have heard that Syam Pushkaran has a method articulates the entirety of a scene and dialogues to artists and asks them to do it in their own way. But here it seems like Omar Lulu asked his actors to improvise the whole content. The film got delayed due to scripting changes and you can clearly understand when were some of the scenes shot looking at the references they make in the movie. At one point hero Roshan gets a black mark for propagating bad stuff and just when I thought that’s the conflict of the movie, they made me realize that it was also just another setup for a comedy track much like every other subplot in this movie.

Roshan and Priya Prakash Varrier get to play characters with the same name. While Roshan at least has a charmer attitude Priya is an absolute disappointment when it comes to emoting. Noorin Sheriff is the next and important actor in the cast and I have to admit that in this pathetic script she was perhaps the only relief who had some sort of grace in performance. A lot of popular faces are there like Siddique, Salim Kumar etc in scenes that won’t make any significant change to the movie.


Omar Lulu’s movies were never really about having a well-etched story. Assembling random scenes to make a series of scenes with regressive and lackluster comedy has always been the formula. Like all his other movies, there is an educational institution, there is a gang of friends and most of them are sexually frustrated. There is an object of desire teacher and without any surprise, she teaches zoology. A lot of teacher characters are there and most of them are mere caricatures. Annual day, friendship song, tour sequence, bitching about girls etc are just randomly thrown into the making of the movie to just make it lengthy. The script of the film has absolutely random scenes that never build anything. Shaan Rahman sort of rehashes his old songs with the help of some unbearable lyrics. Sinu Sidharth’s cinematography gives the movie some technical quality. There is an acknowledgment of the heroics of the fishermen during the flood and a tribute to Kalabhavan Mani in Oru Adaar Love. While the song indeed made me emotional about Kalabhavan Mani, the inclusion of those sequences in the movie actually came out of an absolute absence of creativity.

Oru Adaar Love is an utterly trashy creation that just wants to exploit its online familiarity. The fact that this movie gets the biggest release for a Malayalam movie outside Kerala makes me worry about how the rest of India will look at Malayalam cinema based on this film’s quality.

Rating: 1/5

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Final Thoughts

Oru Adaar Love is an utterly trashy creation that just wants to exploit its online familiarity.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.