Watching the new Santhosh Nair movie Sachin, scripted by SL Puram Jayasurya would make you wonder whether they were scripting the movie as the shooting was progressing. I will be struggling really hard to write this review as this movie was making me say “What the hell” scene after scene! At one point the movie felt like a banal version of Lagaan, but the makers had some more plot plans to make the audience pluck their hair.

Sachin, our title protagonist is a huge fan of cricket. His father was also a big fan of cricket and that’s why he named his son Sachin. The movie Sachin actually deals with the love life of Sachin. He falls in love miraculously with a girl named Anjali and the rest of the movie show us how a jobless aimless Sachin convinces everyone and manages to marry Anjali.

There used to be a time in Tamil movie where you would see track comedies featuring either Vadivelu or Vivek that has no business with the storyline. Some Tamil movies still continue that mediocre fashion and the beginning portions of Sachin reminded me of those kinds of films. The captain of the cricket team is a fool and the movie dedicates almost half an hour of sick comedy just to establish that. And then this movie decides to step into the romance part. There are some moments when you can’t really express your anger in words. The way they have included romance in this movie is one such scenario. The anger I felt seeing such ridiculous writing got some relaxation when I told myself the fact that the writer of this film has previously written Angel John.

Dhyan Sreenivasan in terms of looks and performance feels like he doesn’t belong there. If you look at the screen time, you will have to call Aju Varghese the hero of this film. Aju Varghese is actually the person who is trying his best to make this utterly clumsy movie look somewhat engaging. His style of doing humor suits the movie, but it can’t save a film like this that has no respect for its audience. Appani Sarath has acted brilliantly in the promotional video of the movie (available on its Facebook page) talking about the depth of his ridiculous crowd filler character. Anna Reshma Rajan just doesn’t know how to handle this plastic character with mind voice. I think Ramesh Pisharody has helped the makers by adding his own dialogues at many places. Renji Panicker, Resmi Boban, Maala Parvathy, Maniyanpilla Raju, Hareesh Kanaran and many more are there in the cast.

This is Santhosh Nair’s second film after the Fahadh Faasil starrer Money Ratnam. The way he has captured the cricket matches and Anna Rajan’s mind voice sequences definitely is a testament to his hold over the craft. SL Puram Jayasurya’s script made me wonder whether they were shooting stuff that was written on the previous day. It is that kind of a script where after finishing the film you will think about what they were talking about at the beginning of the film. And I still don’t understand why Cricket was an essential part of this atrocious comedy. Neil Dcunha’s cinematography largely uses flat lighting and the editing of those cricket matches was really tacky. Songs are just about okay.

Sachin was that kind of a movie which made me wonder what was that in the script made the actors in that movie believe that it will work on screen. If they had stopped the movie when Sachin’s team won the cricket match in the second half, the torture would have been less and I and the 30+ other people inside the theater would have reached home before the rains.

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Final Thoughts

Sachin was that kind of a movie which made me wonder what was that in the script made the actors in that movie believe that it will work on screen.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.