Black Widow

Black Widow, the stand-alone movie for the first female Avenger, has a story that surely clears the mist around that character. Natasha Romanoff’s past and the backdrop are something that was least explored during the first major phase of the MCU. And we do get a fair enough idea about what has happened with that… Continue reading Black Widow


The evolution of the MCU in the OTT space is dramatic and fantastic. While every other superhero movie had this world-saving agenda, the MCU films were able to humanize some of its key characters in a unique way. And with the new Disney Plus original contents, they are now trying to tap into the conflicts… Continue reading Loki


What amuses you the most by the time you finish watching all the nine episodes of the new Disney + original series WandaVision is how the storytelling expands, similar to how the screen aspect ratio expands. I paused watching the show in the middle of the first episode and wondered for a second whether I… Continue reading WandaVision