Sweet Tooth

The premise of the new Netflix series Sweet Tooth has a deadly virus that sort of divided the world, people wearing masks, infected people getting killed, a category of the new human race getting hunted as they are considered as the cause for this apocalyptic situation, etc. Even though the visual texture of Sweet Tooth… Continue reading Sweet Tooth

Army of the Dead

The short description given to the movie Army of the Dead on Netflix was “Dawn of the Dead meets Oceans 11”. However, after finishing the film, this description felt more like an admission of the formula they applied to create a blockbuster material. According to reports, this was a movie that Zack Snyder wanted to… Continue reading Army of the Dead

Time to Dance

There are times when you wonder whether tolerance is a quality or a curse. If you can finish watching Sooraj Pancholi and Isabelle Kaif starrer Time to Dance without any sort of fast-forwarding, you will reach that point I mentioned in the beginning. This underdog dance story is so bad that you will wonder which… Continue reading Time to Dance

Meel Patthar

Ivan Ayr’s new film Meel Patthar (Milestone) is an extremely nuanced look at the mundane life of a class of people where they are sort of battling with this tragedy of being an easily replaceable entity. Narrated as the story of a trucker who has driven over 5 lakh kilometers, the movie feels metaphorical at… Continue reading Meel Patthar