Veeramae Vaagai Soodum

Veeramae Vaagai Soodum from Thu Pa Saravanan is a movie that wants to cover up its clichéd tone through some treatment changes. But the freshness they are trying to achieve through this difference in treatment feels more like a scripting gimmick rather than a genuine attempt to present the story in a different way. With… Continue reading Veeramae Vaagai Soodum


Anand Shankar’s new film Enemy starring Vishal and Arya, is a film that wants to place two characters equally powerful against each other. But the problem is with the spoon-fed narrative that intends to explain each and every bit. After setting up the premise, the film goes towards a central conflict that feels way too… Continue reading Enemy


Chakra, the new Vishal movie, wants to act like it is extremely smart. But the problem is that it looks ridiculously silly. What this movie projects as huge revelations and unexpected twists feel predictable for the viewer. And despite having a deafening background score throughout the film, I found the movie incredibly boring. Chakra is… Continue reading Chakra