Varisu Review | A Big-Budget Daily Soap That Overdid Fan Service

There was a time when the fan service in Vijay films was minimal and subtle which looked pretty convincing considering the syntax of a festival entertainer. Varisu from Vamshi Paidipally is a movie that has too much burden on its shoulders to create an image for its lead actor. I must say that the decision… Continue reading Varisu Review | A Big-Budget Daily Soap That Overdid Fan Service

Naane Varuvean

In Naane Varuvean, Dhanush, as a writer, tries to cover up the flatness in the story by uniquely placing the conflict. And with Selvaraghavan’s eccentric style of filmmaking, the storytelling becomes much more visual than verbal. Yes, there are areas where the movie takes too much cinematic liberty to make things convenient for the story.… Continue reading Naane Varuvean

The Legend Review | A Grand Scale Unintentional Spoof

A group of people is sitting in this fancy lab and planning to create a diabetes medicine that will cure it completely. And the leader of the gang, great scientist Saravanan begins the journey by telling them what a pancreas is. Throw in some fancy montages with colorful chemicals, chemical equations on a glass wall,… Continue reading The Legend Review | A Grand Scale Unintentional Spoof


The only thing that can be considered as an improvement in Hari’s direction style in his new film Yaanai is the fact that the camera is getting enough rest. Besides that, he is pretty much stuck in the era where Singam was a blockbuster, and something like a Vikram was a risk. With the typical… Continue reading Yaanai


The blockbuster material movies need a timely reinvention to keep the audience excited about that over-the-top stylized way of movie-making. With his debut movie Kolamavu Kokila, director Nelson Dilipkumar had made it clear that he has a solid grip over humor and the uniqueness of that humor made it a hilarious film. Coming to his… Continue reading Doctor


Like any other anthology that got released during the lockdown, the new one in Netflix presented by Mani Ratnam, Navarasa, is a mixed bag in terms of quality. While the eldest one in the lot, Priyadarshan, came up with the banalest creation, the young gun Karthick Naren impressed me the most with his grip on… Continue reading Navarasa