Time Enna Boss

The moment when you hear that recorded laughter for a not so funny joke, we are given a clear indication about how under confident the makers are about the new Amazon Prime Video show Time Enna Boss. Directed by Super Subu and starring Bharath, Priya Bhavanishankar, Robo Shankar, Sanjana Sarathy, Karunakaran, and Alexander Babu, Time Enna Boss depends way too much on on-the-spot improvisation and thus looks like a pathetically written show.

We get a voice-over from the all-mighty saying that the story of this show is happening because he was way too bored with his mundane job. So he decided to send people from various timelines to the house of a software employee’s rented flat. How all of them lived there until they found out a way to go back to their actual timeline is what we get to see here.

Remember those horrendous track comedies we used to see in some of the mainstream Tamil movies that had absolutely no relevance? Imagine a whole show made out of such irrelevant stretched out jokes. Time Enna Boss is exactly that. I kind of giggled for one or two improvised counter dialogues of Alexander Babu and there wasn’t any other moment for me here that felt worthy of laughing. I found myself constantly looking at the duration of each episode so as to know when it will end. And if you are doing that for a show whose average episode length is only 20 minutes, then that clearly says how bad it is in engaging the viewers.

Every character created here are caricatures and rightly so. It’s not like one can never like characters in a nonsensical comedy. But when there is little effort to acknowledge those characters rather than giving them names, it is difficult for us to like them and equally difficult for the actors to perform with conviction. Out of the 6 main characters, I found the portrayal of Bharath, Priya Bhavanishankar, and Sanjana Sarathy of their respective characters extremely annoying. The three actors who managed to reduce the impact of the mediocrity in the writing part of the show were Karunakaran, Robo Shankar, and Alexander Babu.

No brainer comedy is a legit genre. But Time Enna Boss is using that genre as an excuse to make people regret they have a brain. When you watch this show, you can clearly sense that the only thing they were clear about was the year from which each character arrives in 2019. The story in each episode is absolutely random. When Priya Bhavanishankar’s character finally talks about going back to their respective timelines in the final episode, I was like “Oh these people had plans to go back?” There is no point in talking about the technical aspects of this sitcom as the flat lighting and lazy blocking pretty much communicates the fact that nobody took the series seriously.

A friend of mine shared the trailer of the show with a caption saying “hoping to see something similar to Indru Netru Nalai” I am pretty sure that he would have stopped watching the show at the end of the second or third episode. That’s the good thing about Time Enna Boss. Unless you are a reviewer, there is absolutely no reason for you here to watch the show after surviving one or two episodes.

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Final Thoughts

Unless you are a reviewer, there is absolutely no reason for you here to watch the show after surviving one or two episodes.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.