7th day

7th-day-movie-review7th day directed by debutante Shyamdhar is like a test match that goes on without much excitement but becomes exceedingly exciting after the tea session of the fifth days play. It is much similar in mood with Prithviraj Sukumaran’s earlier film Masters and quite a few flawed thrillers in the recent history of Malayalam industry, but 7th day manages to succeed with the very last twist. On a backtracking of all that happened in the script, the weird David Abraham looks very sensible.

The story revolves around the unofficial investigation of a suspended police officer about the suspicious suicide of a young man whom he met after an accident. There were many things fishy about the nature of the boy who committed suicide and his journalist friend. The unofficial investigation and interrogation of David Abraham following these mysterious friends and their secrets is what the movie talking about.

The movie accesses its plot swiftly and smoothly from scene one itself. Then the excitement deteriorates considerably as it moves in to that friendship flashback. David Abraham goes through his investigations in the usual manner. His character tilts and ideology defining statements doesn’t make much sense in the beginning, but when you go back to these words after knowing him, I believe it explains a lot. The same happens with the flash back story of the friends. The cheesy and over sentimental story looks quite dull in the beginning but when David explains certain undisclosed truths behind these sentimental acts 7th day somewhere gets out of the comparison prison.

On screen Prithviraj suits the character and his expressions are really good. Occasionally his dialogue delivery goes to a self mimicking level. The attire and attitude was rightly conveyed by the actor. Vinay Forrt was good as the tensed journalist. Anu Mohan and Tovino Thomas don’t have many problems with emotions on their face but should work on their dialogue rendering. Janani Iyyer doesn’t have much to do and Praveen Prem is kind of okay. Joy Mathew, Lakshmi Priya, Sunil Sukhada and a few more characters are there in the star cast. Much hyped inclusion of Yog Japee couldn’t meet the expectation.

Syam Dhar is a promising talent and he does know to treat it without much lag. The script doesn’t have any great excitement in it. The complications and investigation goes along with our conventional concepts. But as I said already, there is a good cover up given to everything that David Abraham speaks and do with that climax twist. The script looks quite impressive when I look at it in the opposite direction. Akhil Paul’s construction of David Abraham looked incomplete, but the loopholes were necessary. He should have reduced the level of intellect in dialogues. Sujith Vassudev’s cinematography is excellent and Deepak Dev’s background score has definitely elevated the overall visual impact of the movie. Edits are fine and the music is okay.

So overall, 7th Day a good one. The climax twist is surely going to give you a satisfaction and if you have the patience to backtrack the content after finishing it, some more factors in the beginning would appear exciting. My rating is 3.5/5 for this technically well made movie with a good content. Last ball was a perfect Yorker!

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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